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Review: Last Call By Paolo Pilladi

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A new film about growing up in Upper Darby is about to hit theaters and streaming platforms.

‘Last Call’ is written and produced by a local real estate developer who is making his Hollywood debut.

Greg Lingo’s first foray into film started as a collection of stories from the neighborhood. He called a few of his old Delco friends turned Hollywood stars to join the cast.

Cheri Oteri, Jamie Kennedy and others came home to Delaware County to film the story of grit, loyalty, and never forgetting the streets that raised you.

“I spent my entire childhood, up until the time I was 18, thinking I have got to get out of this place,” Lingo says.

Lingo dipped into his own life when he wrote the character “Mick,” played by Jeremy Piven.

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Mick comes home to help tear down a local bar and build a casino.

“It’s a gritty comedy but it has an underlying of heart,” Lingo says.

Lingo has known actor Jamie Kennedy since high school.

“I met Jamie when I was 14 or 15 years old,” Lingo says. “We were both working for the Upper Darby School District in the summer. We would cut grass on nice days and on rainy days we were picking gum off the bottom of the of the kids’ desks.”

They both agree this film was a trip down memory lane.

“It got me all kind of misty,” Kennedy says. “I understand the whole story and the characters. I know who they’re based on. It’s awesome.”

Kennedy plays a real friend from the neighborhood.

“His name is Whitey and he’s based on a real guy named Whitey, so Greg took no creative license there,” Kennedy laughs. “He’s a friend of mine. Hopefully, he still is after this movie.”

Callahan’s, the bar in the film, is named after the real pub on West Chester Pike.

“Home is where the heart is and you don’t want to lose that,” Kennedy says. “You’ve got to keep your nooks and crannies.”

And now, home is headed to Hollywood.

“Delco-wood,” Kennedy laughs.

‘Last Call’ is streaming online and showing locally at select theaters.


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