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Review – Godzilla Singular Point 2021 TV Series

Godzilla might have just finished his titanic showdown against the ruler of Skull Island, Kong, when the Legendary Pictures crossover dropped earlier this year, but 2021 has plenty more in store for the current king of the monsters, with the upcoming anime series on Netflix, Singular Point, revealing the first trailer for its English Dub. Set to arrive later this month on June 24th, the upcoming television series won’t just be giving us a new look for the lizard king, but will also be bringing us some of the other heavy hitters throughout the kaiju’s long history at Toho.

Netflix has been making a serious effort at cornering the world of original anime, with the likes of Beastars, Baki, Yasuke, and many others being produced by the streaming service. Following Pacific Rim The Black, Godzilla: Singular Point won’t be the only animated series set to focus on giant monsters that arrive on the platform this year, with Kong himself receiving a series later in 2021 that will simply be titled Skull Island. While the future of Legendary Pictures MonsterVerse is still up in the air, rumors have begun spreading across the internet that the director of Godzilla Vs. Kong, Adam Wingard, will be returning with a title that has been running with the rumored title of “Son of Kong”.

Twitter Outlet Kaiju News Outlet shared the brand new English Dub trailer for Godzilla: Singular Point, which will feature a new rendition of the lizard king and humanity attempting to fight both him and a gaggle of kaiju with the power of a revamped Jet Jaguar, one of the longest-running opponents to the king of the monsters:

The official description for Godzilla: Singular Point, which will be directed by Atsushi Takahashi and made as a collaboration between My Hero Academia’s Studio Bones and Beastars’ Studio Orange, reads as such:

“Godzilla Singular Point is an all-new animated TV series that marks the beginning of a new project for Godzilla, one of Japan’s most iconic characters. This anime series unfolds over 13 episodes to tell a new and original story unlike anything seen in the Godzilla franchise before.”

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