Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods and Why Choose A Professional

The internet is filled with tons of satisfying carpet cleaning videos. So, if you want to clean your residential carpets on your own, then we understand where you are coming from. In fact, one can easily find multiple DIY carpet cleaning videos to get started with the process.

However, it is wise to note that undertaking the carpet cleaning task has a few disadvantages due to limitations of what you can do and what not. Plus, there are various methods used by professionals to offer high-quality carpet cleaning services, which you may not be able to opt for. Besides, there are many advantages of working with professionals.

So, today we have assembled this blog with some details on why to choose the professionals and types of methods used by the Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Floyds Knobs, IN.

Let’s begin!

Top five common carpet cleaning methods:

1. Hot water extraction cleaning: In the hot water extraction method, the carpet cleaning services will steam clean your carpet using the latest cleaning equipment. Through this method, the cleaners ensure high-level heat and suction for enhancing results. The powerful vacuum extracts both the debris and dirty water from the carpet. This method is highly useful to get rid of dirt trapped in the last layer of the carpets.

2. Dry cleaning: Dry cleaning method is the latest cleaning method that has gained popularity in no time. This highly effective cleaning method doesn’t require drying time, all thanks to the innovative technique used. During the process, the carpet cleaners will use specialized machines to clean carpets along with the newly developed chemical process that results in no moisture or relatively low moisture. By the end of the process, your carpet is dirt, stain, sand, and allergen-free.

3. Encapsulation: In this method, the carpet is first vacuumed so that the encapsulating chemical can be applied. Then a rotary agitation machine is placed on the carpet that encapsulates the chemicals into absorbing and isolating the dirt on the carpet. This isolated dirt is then vacuumed. This fast process requires minimum downtime, making it the best option for commercial carpet cleaning purposes.

4. Bonnet cleaning: Also referred to as “dry cleaning,” bonnet cleaning works at a low moisture process. With this method, only the surface of the carpet is cleaned, meaning the carpet ends up drying within 30 minutes. During this cleaning process, the professionals spray self-neutralizing detergent onto the carpet and agitate it using a rotary scrubber with a dry cotton bonnet pad attached. If you want to display a clean appearing carpet, then this method is the best.

5. Dry powder cleaning: This technique involves a method called the host system. During the process, the professionals combine soft and natural cleaning products with little water, safe-to-use solvent, and detergent. The mixture is then sprinkled over the carpet that creates clumps. These clumps work as micro-sponges that absorbs the dirt or dissolves it. Later, these clumps are vacuumed thoroughly to unveil the clean surface. Since this method isn’t a deep cleaning solution, it suits best as a maintenance cleaning solution for commercial sectors.

Benefits of hiring the professionals:

Professional carpet cleaners have the right equipment, knowledge, and resources to clean your carpets, no matter how stained and dirty they are. Plus, there are benefits of hiring them, such as:

1. Improve the air quality: No matter how clean your home is or what methods you prefer to keep your office clean, carpets work like a beacon. They attract almost every type of pet dander, dirt, stain, and allergens ever existed.

And we all know that unclean carpets are not just unsightly, but they tend to smell too. With professionals at your aid, you can get rid of almost any type of dirt, stain, and allergens from your carpet, thus improving the quality of the air.

2. Get rid of the smell and tough stains: No matter how many times you vacuum your carpets, tough stains and smells are hard to get rid of. Only the professionals have the right resources, knowledge, and technique to get rid of the smell and stains.

In fact, the cleaning agents used by them can make your carpets smell better.

3. No risk of ruining the carpet: All carpets are simple to use. But not all carpets are made using similar methods. Some carpets that cost high may have intricate designs and high-quality fabrics that require special care and attention while cleaning.

And since professionals have been doing this job for a long, they know what suits the best for your carpet. This means they will use methods that keep your carpets clean while increasing their lifespan.

Wrapping up

Well, it is quite evident from the blog that professional carpet cleaners can offer more than what you expect from them.

So, avoid undertaking a DIY project and hire the Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Floyds Knobs, IN, like Windell’s Carpet Care.

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