Prey tv review 2021

Prey 2021 Movie Review

Prey is a 2021 German survival thriller film about five male friends on a hiking trip who become the target of a mysterious shooter.

Written and directed by Thomas Sieben (Kidnapping Stella; Staudamm; Distanz). Co-produced by Barbara Mientus and Sonja Ewers.

The Senator Film Produktion stars David Kross, Hanno Koffler, Maria Ehrich, Robert Finster, Yung Ngo, Klaus Steinbacher, Livia Matthes and Nellie Thalbach.

On his bachelor party weekend, Roman, his brother Albert and their friends go on a hiking trip into the wild. When the group hear gunshots nearby, they attribute them to hunters in the woods. However, they soon find themselves in a desperate bid for survival when they realize that they have fallen prey to a mysterious shooter…

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