Prevent Depression By Following This Daily Routine

During the last decade, the cases of depression and anxiety have increased by over 50% in the US. Studies have shown that after the rise of social media and cell phones this rate increased a lot in young teens. The same effect was on adults as well. There is one thing that most people ignore in today’s time and that is to follow a better lifestyle with the addition of some major healthy habits. We will discuss some of these things in this article. 

Depression is something that has been taken quite seriously in recent times and it is due to the reason that more and more people are getting disturbed with their daily life. The real reason for depression is still unclear and most people don’t realize the things that actually trigger their stress and anxiety. 

There are certain tips that can help in preventing stress once and for all. Sometimes your eating habits can also have a bad impact on your health. This is why you should be focused on consuming foods that are rich in healthy nutrients. Bone broth, salmon fish, and vegetables can help a lot in reducing the toxic level of your gut to relax your brain. 


We will discuss how bringing some minor changes to your daily routine can have a big impact on your stress levels. Once you start following that routine then you will notice how things can change in your life. 

Sticking to a healthy routine is something that is not an easy thing to do and in order to improve that you have to put a strict check on yourself. We will discuss the routine that you should be following. 

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Getting a good amount of sleep is really important if you want to prevent depression. The best time to sleep is between 10 PM to 5 PM, there are different studies that show that sleeping between this time is known to be the best for your health and especially your mental health. So try to sleep on time and focus on things that can help in improving your sleeping habit. 


After getting fresh and eating a healthy breakfast, the next thing you should do is morning exercise. Try to go for a morning walk or you can also head to the gym if it’s near your house. The best way to get out of depression is by doing daily morning exercise. Try to add this to your daily routine and notice the difference. 


Changing your eating habits can also have a huge impact on your mental health and can also prevent depression. Nutrients like vitamin B12 and C can help a lot in improving brain health. There are tons of foods out there that are rich in these nutrients and can be good for your health. Adding collagen to your diet can also help in improving your digestive health. So, you can add collagen peptides to your diet in that case. 


The last thing that you should be doing is ignoring all the negative vibes around you. This is by far the best thing that can help you in fighting depression and anxiety. If you are surrounded by people who don’t have anything good to say then it’s time that you move on from them and focus on building a better social circle. 


Fighting depression can be difficult but if you are focused in your life then it can be easily done. Try to focus on the routine that I have mentioned above and you will be good to go. There are tons of other things that can help you fight off depression but if you are just starting off your journey to prevent and fight depression then start with this routine.

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