pretty smart 2021 tv series review

Pretty Smart 2021 Tv Series Review

The sitcom’s 10-episode first season stars Emily Osment (Young & Hungry) as Chelsea, a “smart” girl whose life is turned upside down during a three-day visit with her “pretty” sister Claire, played by Olivia Macklin (Filthy Rich). If you’ve already managed to unravel the meaning behind the show’s title, congratulations, it’s incredibly high-concept.

Adding but a mere handful of IQ points to the collective are Claire’s three hot, dumb roommates: Micheal Hsu Rosen (Tiny Pretty Things) as a hot, dumb influencer named Jayden; Cinthya Carmona (East Los High) as a hot, dumb healer named Solana; and Gregg Sulkin (Runaways) as a hot, dumb personal trainer named Grant.

Now, let’s talk about that last roommate for a second. In addition to being perpetually shirtless, Grant is also Claire’s ex-boyfriend. As the muscular fool explains to Chelsea, their breakup was “mutual… but only with Claire,” so he still believes in his heart — and presumably his abs — that they belong back together.

By the rules of light, Baby Daddy-esque sitcoms, this means that Chelsea and Grant will likely develop feelings for one another around the finale, just in time for Claire to inconveniently decide she’s ready to take him back. (I haven’t watched ahead, I promise. So feel free to drop a comment and let me know if I’m right.)

Anyway, Chelsea is only supposed to crash with Claire for a few days, but those plans become fully derailed when her boyfriend Dwayne (red flag!) dumps her over the phone. Now she’s trapped in mental purgatory with four sexy vessels, and she makes no attempt to mask her displeasure. Fortunately, the girls eventually come to a mutual understanding when they realize that their fractured relationship stems back to their parents’ bitter divorce. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s one point for shared childhood trauma.

If you really think about it, Pretty Smart is merely a scripted version of a message Netflix has been screaming at us for years: hot idiots have feelings, just like the rest of us. If shows like Too Hot to Handle, Sexy Beasts and The Circle didn’t already teach you that, maybe this will do the trick.

Source: tvline

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