Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her 2022 Tv Series Review – Netflix

Netflix’s latest released Tv series – Pieces of Her. is based on the novel Krin Slaughter. The story of this eight-episode-long series moves around a young woman who is searching for the truth about her mother and family. She wants to know everything about her family history and the story revolves around a question, “Who is Laura Oliver?”


The first episode starts when, one afternoon a mother and daughter enjoying lunch, a shooter goes into a frenzy at a café. At this point, Laura shows some good moves to save her daughter. Her life gets changed after this incident because she is going viral as someone capturing all her moves in the camera and her hidden abilities come out but Laura doesn’t want to go viral. She has a deeply hidden past that nobody can even realize.

Toni Collette as senior Laura and Jessica Barden as young Laura deliver stunning performances and they remain the backbone of the series. Toni Collete in the role of a mother gives a stunning performance when protecting her daughter. All the heartfelt emotions seem so pure and genuine that anyone can see them while watching this series.

There are a few moments in the series “Pieces of Her” that are very heartfelt and have some twists that can truly surprise you. Toni Collette is the soul of the show and her performance is great and makes it worth watching. The first episode sets the tone for the whole series. There is a lot of action, all major actors are introduced and there are also so many hidden secrets that increase the curiosity to watch it. So Store your weekend plans with this thriller drama series on Netflix.

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