Penguin Town 2021

Penguin Town 2021 Tv Series Review

Every summer, the penguins descend on Simon’s Town, South Africa, south of Capetown. This season, like every other, as we learn from “Penguin Town” (Wednesday, Netflix), their aim isn’t a casual one. It’s to find a partner and breed. They have roughly six months to complete this important mission.

That said, it’s hard not to look at this army of exquisite creatures striding smartly around—looking all the more impressive against the stunning beach background—without suspecting they’re off to some black-tie celebration. They’re not, of course—the celebration is in the minds of viewers following this enchanting sight, this filmed gift in eight parts narrated by Patton Oswalt.

None of this human admiration can, of course, do much to improve the life of a penguin, which is not an easy one. The young don’t survive easily. They have lethal enemies, chief among them the Cape fur seal. No wonder they feel safe hanging around humans. Their motto, the film informs us, is something on the order of “The closer to humans, the safer the nest.”

Source: wsj

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