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No Escape [2020] – Movie Review

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If you stick a social media star in a torture room, does he make a noise? A lot of noises, and most of them violent screams, according to the No Escape trailer, a new film from the director of Escape Room. No, not the hit 2019 film, an earlier, little-seen 2017 film directed by Will Wernick, who returns to a similar premise with No Escape, an upcoming gorefest which follows a daredevil social media star and his friends as they find themselves trapped in a terrifying torture room. Watch the No Escape trailer below.

You’ve got to hand it to writer and director Will Wernick, he can really capture that obnoxious, loud attitude used by social media stars to engage their distracted audiences. Keegan Allen, Holland Roden, Denzel Whitaker, Ronen Rubinstein, Pasha Lynchnikoff, George Janko, and Siya star as a social media star and his group of friends who travel to Moscow with the promise of doing their biggest, most dangerous stunt yet. But naturally, they get more than they bargained for, after a deal with a mysterious Russian businessman lands them in a dangerous “game” with mounting stakes and a mounting body count. To survive, they must solve a series of puzzles, or else face torture, disembowelment, or death — all for the entertainment of thousands of viewers live-streaming the group’s terrifying experiences and scrapes with death.

No Escape looks like a cross between Saw and the apparently multiple Escape Room movies. It’s a tried-and-true premise for horror fans who are a fan of grisly torture porn. There’s also a contemporary twist with the focus on social media as an enabler of dangerous behaviors and stunts, some of which have even tragically taken a few lives. But with its more fantastical premise of a group of seedy Russian businessmen (who seem to have a fondness for leather bondage gear), I don’t expect No Escape to focus too much on the real-life dangers of social media.

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