Nine Perfect Strangers 2021

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ 2021 Tv Series Review – Everything about Characters, Story and Critic

Nine Perfect Strangers is a short story series which means it will be ended in this very first season. It is the story of seven strangers that are staying in a hotel to improve their mental health. All the guests have trauma and they want to heal their mental health. 


The guests includes Frances, a writer of romance novels that no one wants to anymore, a victim of catfishing scheme, Tony, a former football star struggling with addiction, high school teacher Napoleon (Michael Shannon) with his wife Heather (Asher Keddie), and daughter Zoe (Grace Van Patten). The family is mourning the death of Zach (Hal Cumpston), Zoe’s twin brother.

Lars (Luke Evans) has a secret agenda and relationship problems, as do Ben (Melvin Gregg) and Jessica (Samara Weaving) who struck gold with a lottery, but got the attendant problems as well. Carmel (Regina Hall), whose confidence is shot thanks to her caddish husband, completes the motley crew of guests.


As the series moves forward we get to know about Masha’s background. Her life was totally different before her wellness guru avatar. She has made many bad choices and now those bad choices seem to be threatening to her. The first half of the series creates a mysterious effect and all the mysteries get disclosed as the story proceeds.

Our Take:

The first half of the tv series is very interesting, Masha’s mysterious background life makes you continue the web series. The characters performance and story, suspense is all good till the first half of the series. During the first half of the series you will also see some dramatic scenes and suspense. Now you some questions in your mind about the further story but the 2nd half of the series is not so interesting. Here this series disappoints the audience. 

If you have other tv series in your mind to watch then you can easily skip this series. We will give this series rating 3.5 out of 5. 

As we always recommend, must watch the series to know more about the story details. Hope you will enjoy the series.

You can watch this series on HULU and Amazon Prime Videos.

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