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Netflix’s Get Even Review: Murder, Mystery and Characters

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Get Even is a British teen thriller TV show created by Holly Phillips, based on the book Get Even by Gretchen McNeil. The series stars Kim Adis, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Bethany Antonia and Jessica Alexander.

Get Even follows Kitty, Margot, Bree and Olivia who form the group ‘DGM’ to tackle the bullying and injustices taking places in their school. However, when one of their targets end up dead and they are framed for it, the group is forced to bring the culprit to justice and clear their name.

When I started watching the show, I wasn’t entirely sure if it would pan out great. Get Even starts off in an uber-rich school, with snooty teenagers being absolutely pretentious and vile. However, after the first episode, I was absolutely hooked. Honestly, the main characters are thoroughly great and relatable and the mystery is solid.

These are girls who belong to different cliques and create a secret group to take down the bullies in their school. No one knows who they are, but everyone benefits from their work. At one point they expose the coach for having a relationship with a student. It’s great stuff and very hopeful. The four girls have their own backstories which keeps us involved in their lives. They have their own problems and even though one of them is extremely rich, her struggles don’t really seem that of the rich crying foul. They’re genuine and overall very likeable.

We also get an in-depth look into their lives. Information is provided very subtly. It never seems too drawn-out or boring. And after a while, as their relationship grows, you start to want to know more about their lives. It’s heartwarming to see this bunch of very different people getting together and being there for each other. Their friendship is one of the highlights of the series.

Kitty’s the planner of the group, Bree is the daring one, Margot is the brains and Olivia the distraction. Their camaraderie is lovely to watch, and as their relationship grows, you start to feel like a part of the group as well. The fact that these girls have each other’s and everyone else’s backs is a great push for the series and makes it even more watchable.

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Get Even nails it with the mystery and drama. As a teen series, I see it working even for adults. As I said earlier, don’t expect it to be high on gory deaths or sex. However, it’s a good entertainer and actually does keep you on your toes. Additionally, the characters are likeable which works wonders for the series. Sometimes it’s nice to watch something innocent yet thrilling for a change. If that’s something that you crave, Get Even is a good bet.

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