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Recently, chemiacl products, food ingredients and cosmetic raw material company, announced the launch of a lily of the valley flavor-Lilybelle. This is a daily chemical fragrance product extracted from orange juice industrial by-products. The raw materials are renewable resources.

According to Symrise, Lilybelle is a fresh floral scent, which can highlight the scent of lily of the valley in daily chemical essences and perfumes. At the same time, it brings aquatic green scent and a light sense of water and clarity, making creative works more refreshing and refreshing. brisk.

This fragrance has a wide range of applications. The daily chemical fragrance formulated with it is not only suitable for personal care products, but also can be added to cleaning products and clothing care products.

Symrise revealed that Lilybelle’s raw materials are by-products in the orange juice industry, so 83% of its ingredients are renewable substances. In addition, it is easily biodegradable.

Susanne Borchert, the company’s senior marketing manager, said: “With Lilybelle, we have once again proven our innovative strength. This all-round fragrance creates new possibilities for perfumers and gives them the opportunity to create Charming aroma components.”

Bolchert added: “We have included sustainability in our company strategy, and it is a very important aspect. Renewable raw materials account for a high proportion of Lilybelle, and it is a good example of our commitment to the “12 Green Chemicals”. The principle of “practice.”
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COATING KOREA,The 12th Int’l Coating, Adhesive & Film Industry Expo is an exhibition specialized in coating, adhesive and film industry, which is held every March at Songdo Convensia, Incheon. It is a representative B2B exhibition where you can see coating, adhesive, and film industries that are essential to all manufacturing industries.
Especially in 2020, we have subdivided and expanded the exhibition items to mark 11th anniversary. It has grown into a representative exhibition in Korea as a business venue where various products related to the domestic coating, adhesive, and film industry which can be displayed in one place, comparing products, and exchanging related information.

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