Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild 2021 review

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild 2021 Tv Movie Review

Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild feels like a Disney movie in all the best ways. It’s got that weird feeling that reminds me of a Sunday night, seeing whatever movie the Disney Channel was going to feature at 8pm next, and I love it for it. But for whatever reason, it also just falls short of being anything amazing.

The story follows Aiden – the somehow most prolific character in Monster Hunter lore, as you watch him be the Ace Cadet in Monster Hunter 4, to the excitable A-Lister in World. Heck, he’s even in the live action movie, though not that that has anything to do with anything. He meets Julius, the Ace Commander at the start of his journey, with the goal of saving his village from an oncoming Lunastra.

The Actual World Of Monster Hunter
I gotta say, Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild is amazingly consistent with its worldbuilding. If nothing else, it’s a great mainstream-ification of the world of Monster Hunter, which was never really explained outside of some dialogue in a few quests. Early on Julius explains the reason for the Hunter’s Guild, with a pretty convincing reason for why the world is the way it is. Meanwhile Aidan himself gives a pretty great counterpoint, saying that the beaurocracy of the Hunter’s Guild is troubling for small villages, since The Guild can’t possibly cover them all.

It’s not presented in some kind of angsty conflict either, it’s just a fact of the world- small villages have no time to travel two weeks to wait in line for a quest to be posted, and that’s how kids like Aidan end up being the village handyman.

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