Make Your Dream Bathroom a Reality with a Contemporary Bathroom Suite

Bathroom remodels may not simply project as they may seem. To turn your space into a dream bathroom, you will need to spend time and dedication. But there are various ways to make your tasks a lot easier. Many design experts recommend bathroom suites if you don’t want to spend much time deciding what your bathroom should look like. It combines various bathroom fittings and fixtures with the same size, looks, and design. For example, a contemporary bathroom suite brings much-needed sophistication and style to your bathroom. It is cool and an easy way to create a dream space that is designed as per modern trends. You generally have the option to choose between classic, traditional, or contemporary bathroom fittings and fixtures. But what are these suites, and what makes a modern suite contemporary is worth knowing before you start planning a bathroom makeover? 

Contemporary Bathrooms

A contemporary bathroom is simply a bathroom designed according to the latest trends. Since trends keep on changing, the elements of modern bathrooms tend to change as well. What we see in the contemporary bathrooms in 2022 and 2023 are considered to incorporate straight lines and gematric shapes with a minimalist approach for all fittings and fixtures. So, you need to focus on these features to have a modern bathroom. However, finding everything that has such features is not an easy task. Therefore, contemporary bathroom suites are designed to help you easily get everything you need for a bathroom makeover. 

Contemporary Bathroom Suites Vs. Traditional/Classic Bathroom Suites

We have already discussed a bit about contemporary bathroom suites. These include fittings and fixtures designed according to modern trends. However, a traditional or classic bathroom suite, on the other hand, is heavily influenced by a bygone era. It can design elements from a specific period like the Victorian or Georgian periods. 

What Features Should You Include in a Modern Bathroom Suite?

Whenever you are choosing a fitting and fixture for your modern bathroom, you will need to consider the minimalist as the main feature. 


  • Minimalism. The first and most important thing is that whatever you install or plan should create an open and spacious feel in the bathroom. You will need to avoid cluttering the space with too many items and cleverly use the space. It may be possible by using a concealed storage space that will keep everything out of sight.
  • Bath or Shower. The bath or a shower can both be suitable for a modern space to be used as a focal point. But you must ensure that their design is streamlined and symmetrical shapes create a luxurious feel throughout. In case you are going to install a shower, there are plenty of options available that can help you create a modern bathroom. You can opt for a thermostatic shower or a mixer, depending on your budget. In the case of a bathtub, geometric, square, or rectangular shapes will be helpful in creating a modern space. 
  • Colour Scheme. Choosing the right colour scheme for a modern bathroom is extremely important. The contemporary looks come mainly with neutral colours that are accented with dark shades. You should stick to high-quality paint and colours with a glossy finish where possible. 
  • Wall Hung Vanities and Toilets. As discussed earlier, modern bathrooms are all about making your bathroom look spacious and have an open feel, and you should prefer floating-style toilets and vanity sink units. These are helpful in creating the illusion of more space, even in a small bathroom. Therefore, these will bring a touch of luxuriousness and modernity to it.


  • Freestanding Fittings and Fixture. If you have enough space in the bathroom, you can prefer a freestanding bathtub to give it a spa-like feel. It will help you to make a bathroom look modern and functional. These baths can easily become the centrepiece of the bathroom. 

Choosing a Contemporary Bathroom Suite

If you want to choose a contemporary bathroom suite, then it is important that you first think about the available size. It is because you will have to choose the suite accordingly. If it is not a complete suite and only includes two or three fixtures, then it will be advisable to think about your current bathroom theme. So, you choose the better option that can match your existing bathroom. For a complete makeover, you can simply choose the contemporary bathroom suite, keeping in mind the space available and the size that can fit into your space.  

Final Thoughts. 

There is no golden standard when it comes to choosing a contemporary bathroom suite. It is simply a sleek and minimalist design that combines various visual and functional elements. We have provided most of these ideas to help you understand what it can be and how effortlessly it can help you make a dream bathroom a reality. 

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