Amor con fianza 2021 Tv series

Love Never Lies [Amor con fianza] 2021 Tv Series Review

Netflix Spain launches today, Thursday, November 11, for the whole world ‘Amor con bail’ , its second reality show. After ‘Insiders’ , the video on demand platform continues to explore the world of entertainment with new offers to continue being the reference in this field in the face of the rise of the rest and its also powerful content. On this occasion they have rescued Mónica Naranjo to act as master of ceremonies after the good reviews she received when she was in charge of the first edition of ‘The island of temptations’ on Telecinco (show that is currently in its fourth edition with Sandra Barneda) . From El Confi TV , the television section of El Confidencial, we have had the opportunity to see the first three episodes of ‘Amor con bail’ and, below, you have our review without spoilers.

It really is another ‘Island of temptations’
This new entertainment program does not have too much mystery. Six couples decide to test themselves to see if their relationship is healthy or not. Whether they should keep fighting to be together or not. Whether they are sincere with each other or not. And the most important salseo, if they are able to be faithful on television or not. If you like ‘The island of temptations’ , you liked ‘The last temptation’ (round format that meets the expectations of its audience) and you still want more, this show is made for you. But if, on the other hand, you are already a bit saturated, in the end this is still more of the same with some new elements (as already happened with the light of temptation in the Telecinco space).

The polygraph and money
In order not to trace the ‘Temptations’ there are two basic novelties: a lie detector and money. The ‘Love with Bail’ polygraph is called ‘Eye Detect’ and it is a new system that can detect through the eyes if that person is sincere. As expected, this device gives a lot of play for the lies and truths of each component of the couples. Monica plays Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Saturday deluxe’ and reveals whether they have lied or told the truth. Do you remember ‘The game of your life’ with Emma García? Well, it is also this because there are personal questions that have nothing to do with what happens in the villas (yes, the place where they live is also called that). And on the other hand there are the 100.In order not to advance anything in the plot, I will only mention that this amount is subject to various conditions of the program itself.

In short, they are not bad twists, but they are already widely seen on the small screen and there is not that surprise factor that is expected from Netflix and its landing in this genre. I would have opted for other options, new factors that did make the so exploited drama of couples, something new, original and attractive.

Here there are also tempting men and women who want to fall in love. And it is precisely in the third in discord where the great bombshell of ‘Amor con bail’ could be, something that has remained at half gas when playing this card with only a few couples. As has been anticipated in the official trailer, some of the people who come to destabilize couples are not completely unknown. There are some exes and some special friends , but few. The key should be to push them to the limit with this factor, something totally unexpected and that in Spain has not yet been exploited well (yes in many international reality shows such as ‘The revenge of the exes’). A pity not to have made the most of this point.

And finally there is the figure of Mónica Naranjo . The singer shines again , she does it really well and adds to the program thanks to her involvement, closeness and personality, however she is no longer a novelty. Media Spain saw her in front of ‘The island of temptations’ and applauded her work, however now it is only one more element. Something that we already know how it works and what we can expect. Perhaps it would have been a good opportunity to bet on another type of profile, a la Najwa Nimri in ‘Insiders’ or in his day Roberto Leal with ‘Operation triumph’.

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