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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 2021 Tv Series Review

Kirk Frost is one of the most “turned up” members in season 2 of Love and Hip Hip Atlanta. He was told by Rasheeda his wife that they both are due to have a baby, and he basically told her to get rid of the baby and think about her rapping career. Instead, Kirk decides to spend time with Benzino on vacation with lusty-spirited women, and leaves his wife Rasheeda pregnant and dealing with situations by herself.

Kirk (D-Low Record Producer) didn’t stand up to Debra (Record Producer – Waka Flaka’s Mom), didn’t stand up to Rasheeda’s Mom, and really didn’t stand up to K-Michelle when she insinuated that he was gay. But Kirk rather display his manhood by committing adultery against his wife Rasheeda, plain and simple “he’s a cheater” this is one reason why season 2 is so turned up.

In season 1 Kirk wanted to be known as his producer name “D Low” now no one is mentioning his nickname anymore, I wonder why . . . hummm. What does the name D-Low stands for anyway? Maybe D-Low is just a hood name like C-Low or J-Low.

Kirk is not really supporting his wife in season 2 for some dumb reason, maybe he’s hating on all the attention his wife is getting and now he wants attention and cameras following him. Many women-viewers are not liking Kirk anymore and maybe that’s the way he wants it, hey this cheating behavior got Stevie J more famous and Lil Scrappy; sad but true. Even Nicki Minaj had something to say to Kirk Frost (D Low) on twitter about what she felt about the situation of his cheating ways; looks like Nicki Minaj is a fan of Love and Hip Hip Atlanta also.

This season gave Kirk too much camera time, most of that camera time should’ve went to the Boss Lady Traci Steele. I know the viewers this season got to admit that Traci is doing it big, much respect to DJ Traci Steele. But not sure if she gets credit for her dating choices, hmmm. … that muscle-guy had a criminal past which was exposed after Tracie’s baby daddy did a back-ground check on her new guy friend.

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