Killer Camp 2021 mini series

Killer Camp 2021 Tv Series Review

Killer Camp season 2 makes its land on The CW in time for some October frights this Halloween season bringing a chill to the network for its fall line-up.

The game series debuted on the channel over the summer of 2020 and has since been welcomed into the ‘Dare to Defy’ fold as a CW original.

This new U.S. version of the show will still retain the same gaming format full of twists, challenges, and “murders” at Camp Pleasant.

Sundays are about to get real bloody on The CW with Killer Camp‘s return. Here’s when season 2 premiere and what to expect from the show’s sophomore run!

The CW brought the slasher genre to life last year when it aired “Killer Camp.” The reality competition series that was originally produced in the U.K. was imported by the network to help fill gaps in its programming schedule. These gaps were created, in part, by production delays resulting from the pandemic, but The CW turned lemons into lemonade. After airing the original series last summer, they opted to produce an American remake, which will hit the airwaves this fall. More slasher goodness through the lens of reality television is coming our way.

“Killer Camp” is a competition show that takes the slasher genre and puts a reality TV spin on the whole thing. The show started life in the U.K. but found new life in the U.S. when it aired on The CW. As such, a U.S. version was produced, which is what will be airing this fall. The show has “Friday the 13th” vibes and pits 13 contestants against a “killer.” The goal is to be the last one standing, and that last one standing brings home some cash.

The new U.S. version of KILLER CAMP will return to “Camp Pleasant” as a mix of 13 unlucky American and British campers navigate through new deadly twists and surprises while competing to expose the “killer” among them for a share of the $50,000 cash prize. Each night, one of them will be viciously dispatched by camp handyman Bruce, who’s back with counselor Bobby (comedian Bobby Mair), along with a whole host of surprises and hilariously elaborate murders.

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