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Key Features Of A Custom Pencil Case That Every Seller Should Provide

A pencil case is an item of utility that is used by people of all ages. The best part of this product is that it is not only used for storing stationery but is a multifunctional product that has been used to store things like makeup, delicate jewellery etc. some key features of a custom pencil case make it durable, versatile and multifunctional. If you are planning to add a custom pencil case as your selling product, pay attention to the features mentioned below. 

Key features of a custom pencil case

Double stitching in the handle

One of the best custom pencil cases always has double stitching. If a case is Double stitched it makes sure that the heavy stuff inside your case is also safe. So when anyone overfills the case with much stuff it can handle it easily. A well-made custom pencil case forces your customer to believe that you value them and you make everything effortlessly.

Bottom board

The best custom pencil cases are made with the bottom board. The bottom board are generally made up of plastic or sone hard material, which helps to evenly spread the weight of the products inside the case. The bottom board is placed inside the case so that we can put all the products on it. This also helps to maintain a good shape of the case and it can be disassembled easily.

Separate compartments

A good customised pencil case always contains separate compartments for all the stuff you need to put in that case. The different compartments help the consumer to categorise the stuff easily. This will help to save your time to find the stuff as you can remember in which compartment you have which stuff available. This will protect your stuff from clinking with each other and avoid any damage to the stuff.


Make sure that the customised pencil case which you purchase should be of high quality. The quality of the case should be up to the mark that it can be used for a long period. Make sure that the print you choose to put on the case is water-resistant so can it can survive 3-4 washes and Do not get washed away in a single wash.

Size- before getting a pencil case customised be sure about the size you want. As there can be many sizes in it as per the preference of the customer. Choose the size as per your requirement, if you have a lot of stuff to carry you may go for a bigger size but if you have very selective things to carry them choose a small size. This will help you to organise your stuff easily.

Material- if you are getting a pencil case customised then firstly decide the material of the case. You can go a material which is easily washable so that you don’t have to worry even if you make your case dirty. As the material which is easily washable can be reused again and again. Which can come in your budget.

Lookout for these key features to make your custom pencil case one of the best selling product of your store.

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