Just Another Christmasm Movie Review 2020

Director: Roberto Santucci

Writer: Paulo Cursino

Stars: Arianne Botelho, Louise Cardoso, José Rubens Chachá

It’s that time of the year again, with all the streaming platforms bombarding you with romantic holiday movies it’s hard to find a decent Christmas movie which you can just enjoy by laughing your heart out. But this year Netflix has probably the best solution to this problem.

Netflix is bringing a brand new Christmas themed movie ‘Just Another Christmas‘ which is a comedy movie from Brazil. The Netflix original movie is originally in Portuguese language but ofcourse an English dub is going to be there.

Now you’re wondering what’s different in this movie as compared to other christmas releases? Well here goes.

How would you feel if you continuously keep living the most dreadful day of your life? Sounds scary doesn’t it? For Jorge it is the day of Christmas that he dreads the most.

Just because he was born on 25th December his birthday has always been sort of got overshadowed by the festivities of Christmas, cringe relatives, guests etc.

On the Christmas Eve of 2010, Jorge falls off from his house roof and wakes up the other day. But to his horror, it’s still the eve of Christmas and what’s more scary is that a whole year passed away and now it’s Christmas Eve of 2011! He realises that he’s reliving his worst days as he wakes up every year on Christmas Eve and apparently ages too like that.

Every year he learns that some changes has happened in the past year which leads to hilarious events.

In 10 nights he arrives at 2021 where he realises that his wife has left him, and he’s living alone. Jorge decides that since his fall he’s experiencing these “time jumps” of “groundhog day” and to get his memories and previous life back he should recreate that accident.

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This will lead to a hysterical scenario which might entertain the viewers and offer them something different this Christmas.

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