Jagame Thandhiram 2021 Movie Review

Director : Karthik Subbaraj
Writers : Nick Bain(additional dialogue)Karthik Subbaraj
Stars : DhanushAishwarya LekshmiJames Cosmo

The tempo changes at such a ridiculous pace that we can hardly catch up. For instance, there is a point in the film where after a gut-wrenching flashback, Suruli meets the allies of a gang leader he betrayed to apologise to them.

When they mock him, he jumps in the air, punches their face in, and beats them down to submission. “Accept my apology, or else,” he seems to say. In a matter of seconds, they accept his apology, and he returns to his “gethu” state of being. Apparently, in the world of Jagame Thanthiram, revolutionaries sit around waiting for strangers to come lead them.

The film wants to be self-aware, regularly mocking the epiphanies of its characters; but such ill-fitted jokes only serve to further weaken those realisations at all. It wants to be clever, but much of the foreshadowing seems off-kilter. It wants to be rooted, but the flashback to genocide in Sri Lanka acts merely as atrocity porn. It wants to be poignant, but suddenly bringing up a child and giving him dialogues about hiding under the bed is lazy.

That is not to say that Jagame Thanthiram is all smoke. There is a spark here and a bonfire there. Many Tamil dialogues are sharp; the ones that don’t reference past Tamil cinema are delicious. For instance, the wordplay about “erangal” (which can mean both ‘getting down to business’ and ‘condolence’) is quick-witted.

Murugesan stands out as an interesting character, perhaps because he seems to be the only one written with empathy. His pontification about washing plates is melancholic but endearing. The climax scene shot in snow and the epilogue in a desert are good filmmaking.

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