How to Make Quick & Unique Quilt Patterns

Staring to make a quilt is a great way to be creative during your free time, and once you get the hang of it, you cannot stop making quilts. Knitting a blanket in unique quilt patterns for your grandchildren can also be a great way of letting them know how much you care for them.

With so many different types of quilts being made, choosing particular quilt patterns at your convenience won’t be an issue. Following are some of the types of quilts: –

  1. Pieced- this is the most common type of quilt made by everyone. This particular quilt is made by sewing two or more materials together.
  2. Appliqued- the appliqued quilts are made by watching various shapes and designs into the quilt background. The new materials patched onto the background help in creating stunning designs.
  3. Paper piecing- the idea of paper piecing is to sew the fabric onto a paper foundation.
  4. English paper piecing- just like paper piecing, English paper piecing is done with various shapes such as rectangles or triangles. The shape is cut, and then the cloth overlaps over them.

For a newbie, the art of quilting can be a bit intimidating and to help simplify the task. The person can split the process into simpler steps. Following the points below will help you complete the blanket within no time, and regular practice can help you master the process of quilting.

1 Decide On an Easy Quilt Pattern

Before moving on with creating a quilt, it is important to decide on which pattern you’re going to use for the quilt. For beginners, basic designs, such as squares, rectangles, are used. The result of using a half-square triangle is astonishing. Be creative in your designs, and do not shy away from creating unique quilt patterns.

2 Have All the Basic Tools and Pieces of Equipment

Like any other work, for quilting also, you need the right tools and equipment. The tools required for quilts are: –

  1. Fabric
  2. Pins
  3. Needles
  4. Clips
  5. Scissors
  6. Quilting rulers
  7. Sewing machine
  8. Iron
  9. Ironing board
  10. Spray starch.

The tools mentioned above are the basic and most needed quilting tools that one must have to get the maximum benefit of quilting.

3 The Patchwork Must Be Sliced and Then Sew As Per Your Needs

To get the correct cut, the patchwork must be stitched together perfectly. The job of quilting is never complete without your sewing the stitch. Using the correct sewing machine is very crucial to get the perfect stitch. Depending upon how to learn swing, some people prefer to get the stitch done with their hands. Using hands gives the stitch a more personal and special feeling. When a sewing machine is used, remember to get a machine that has a wide throat that can easily accommodate the quilt without any difficulties.

4 Basting Is an Important Step and Must Be Done With Accuracy

For the quilt to finish off properly, all the layers must be basted together. A well-basted quilt will have fewer chances of becoming weak, distorted, or wrinkled during the quilting process. For getting the quilt basted properly, the owner must have all the necessary items such as the backing fabric, the quilt bat, and a large area to get the baste job properly done. Nowadays, people are using temporary adhesive spray to keep together the quilt sandwich. Using the adhesive spray does not need the use of pins and the conventional pin method.

5 Stitching the Quilts

To stitch the quilts, various methods can be used. Some of the most famous methods used for layering the quilt sandwich are: –

  1. Quilting is done in a straight line
  2. Overall pattern quilting
  3. Quilting which is done in a free-motion pattern
  4. Quilting that is accompanied by the patchwork designs
  5. Using your imagination.

Detailed tips and methods are mentioned that explains how to perfect the first four methods. However, when you decide on using your imagination, remember to practice it beforehand on some scrap fabrics to avoid any surprises. However, there is nothing new to teach when it comes to straight-line stitching. Straight-line stitching also leaves a bold and straightforward impression on the quilt.

6 Binding the Quilt Together

It is important to bind your quilt’s corners to give it a more professional and authentic look. A proper bind shows that the person who has prepared the quilt is not a newbie and is a professional. There are many ways to bind the quilt, and any method can be used to make the quilt look more appealing. The most famous method used for quilting is the Doyle fold quilting method.

To Conclude

There are various new and unique quilt patterns available to check out at MK Kinman. The innovative and spectacular designs can be gifted to loved ones as presents they will like for sure.

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