How To Download Large Torrent Files From Seedboxes?

Sometimes you might want to download large files from torrents. Perhaps you are no more interested in streaming unclear pictures and want to enjoy any movies or videos in maximum quality. Then downloading is the right choice you can make today!

There are many ways you can stream or unload movies, and so one of the easiest ways to download files is using FTP and SSH. Now you might’ve some more questions, such as – What is SSH? How to use SSH? Which software to implement for SSH? What is FTP? But you’ve nothing to worry about. Reading this article you will get to know everything related
to seedboxes.

Let’s start by explaining the SSH and FTP first. Then we will outline the steps you need to continue with to download large torrent files from the best seedbox.

What Is SSH?

The SSH stands for “Secure Shell”, is a network protocol that helps the user to access remote computers or seedboxes within personal computers. The SSH is an alternative to the previously used protocols, Telnet. These methods are more secured compared with earlier steps. You can
read more about it in the following post.

Benefits of Using SSH:

The SSH is used to divide large files into multiple small media and continue to download them separately. This procedure sounds quite complicated, right? However, it isn’t so much complicated once you check out the proper steps.

What Is FTP?

FTP denotes the File Transfer Protocol, which is a standard protocol that’s used to transfer files between client and server. Here you are considered as a client and a seedbox is a server. You can also directly download files using an FTP client that’s available in your seedbox client area.

What Are Steps To Split And Download Large Files Using SSH?

Here we will implement PuTTY for SSH (Secure Shell). PuTTY is an open-source terminal emulator, which will guide users to remotely get connected with seedboxes. To work with PuTTY, users need to download the same. Once you install it, you will automatically come across the window. There you will need to enter the Host Name (or IP Address) to get connected
with your remote-server. Your internet service provider’s address is available in the client area.

After you’ve entered your server internet provider address in PuTTY, a new console will open and you need to enter your credentials (account id and password). This information is indeed available in your client area. Once you enter your password it is protected, so nothing to worry about. That’s quite normal!

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After You Logged In, You Must Abide By The Following Steps:

 Type “Is”, You Must Get The Folder Where All Your Files Are Stored 

 Enter CD XXXX (Change Directory), Tap “Enter” Where XXXX Is The Folder In
Which All Your Files Are Stored 

. That’s Actually The Seed Folder

. Now, You Need To Enter Something, Like CD Seed

. If You Aren’t Sure Whether You Can Often Ask Your Seedbox Provider or Not

. Type “Is” Again To Find The Folder/ File

. Moreover, If Required You Can Change Directory

. Now, Type RAR A –R –RR10 –M0-V100M Whatever.RAR XXXXXXXXXXX  

. Tap “Enter” And Wait, It Might Take A Few Minutes. Then Transfer The Files
That’s all! Hopefully, you can now transfer large downloaded files from the best seedbox.

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