How to choose the perfect tennis racket for you?

Choosing a racket for tennis is very important, as it helps you learn the correct playing technique or improve it, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a regular player. The most important criteria to consider when choosing are head dimensions, weight, and handling. The size is irrelevant unless it is for a junior player because for adults almost all models are very similar. Mainly if you are looking for the best tennis racquet for beginners read this article and know about it how to choose.

Most important features to consider

Another feature to consider when buying a tennis racket is whether you want one that provides power, control, or a mix of both. For a beginner, it is advisable to play with one that is light enough for easy balancing and powerful enough to give your game some excitement.


An adult tennis racket (unstrung) weighs approximately 250-350 grams. The heavier it is, the more it absorbs vibrations, protecting you from injury. The light ones are much more maneuverable but less powerful. It is ideal for beginners or players with short, slow movements.

On the other hand, a heavy racket gives more power but will be less maneuverable. This type is quite suitable for those who have a good technical command and are looking for precision.

The weight categories for each player are as follows:

  • For Beginners: They should be light with extremely large heads and heavy scales.
  • For intermediate players: middleweight with moderately large heads and light balances.
  • For advanced players: heavy with medium head and firm balance between head and body.


It is indicated in cm and corresponds to the distance from the base of the handle to the balance point of the racket. The so-called elongated racquets have a balance almost always in mind and are generally lighter.

The choice of balance will vary depending on the morphology and type of game. A player with a short movement and who wants to obtain a gain in maneuverability will prefer a balance on the handle (<32cm> 34cm).

Be careful, balancing on your head can make it appear heavier than it actually is and vice versa.


Stiffness is related to two things: power and comfort. A stiffer racket will give you more power. When the ball hits the frame, the frame is deflected. Contrary to what many believe, this deflection does not add power to the shot (it does not cause the ball to jump forward again like a catapult), but rather it takes it away.

Head size

A smaller head size gives more control, while a larger size gives a better sweet spot (the area where the strings create the most power for the least amount of effort), so the style of player you are will determine which size. You must try.


The profile corresponds to the width of the tennis racket. The standard size is 21mm. The wider the profile, the more power you can have, but less control. This is ideal if you are a beginning player or if you enjoy the game gently. On the other hand, the thinner the profile, the more control, precision, and feel you’ll get.

String tension

The strings are very important and considered as the engine of the racket. They offer you power and control depending on the tension. The tighter the strings are, the more control you will have. If you have a very big swing, you will need tighter strings to give you more control, while if you have a slower swing, you should have looser strings for more power.


The wrong grip size on the racquet can cause your elbow to wear out, and a worn grip will make you hold it too tightly and tightly, causing your arm to stiffen. Therefore, there should be a distance of approximately the width of one centimeter between the tips of the fingers and the base of the palm of the hand.

What other factors should you consider?

Many players are not aware that tennis rackets can be made from different materials, which drastically influences the price of the same. Those made of aluminum are the longest and the least expensive. Graphite is another very popular and lightweight material used to make it.

If you are a new tennis player, you will probably want to buy one made of graphite or aluminum. On the other hand, the most expensive are made of other materials, such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, and boron. These tend to be less flexible and as such can be more difficult for beginning players to use.

Finally, an important factor that should not be ignored is the feel of the racket. As such, if you are able to get to one store, the best method is to try a few different ones in person. This will allow you to feel which one will be the most suitable for you.

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