How to be a expert in an industry

You may be thinking to yourself:


How do you become an expert, and what makes you an expert?

I know this sounds silly, but there isn’t necessarily a test you have to take to be a so-called expert. So what actually makes you an expert in an industry.

From my past learnings,, there have been several things that makes someone or a company an expert in their field or industry.
Those things are their track record and their proof of concept.

We will be diving into both of those right now.

To become an expert, you have to have a track record. Simply put, you need to have a history of being good at what you do.

You may have heard of a guy named Gordon Ramsey. He is kinda famous, and he holds 22 Michelin stars across 16 different restaurants. A Michelin star is incredibly difficult to earn, but he has obtained so many across his restaurants. It took him cooking his whole life to be able to get good enough to earn those stars. Along with that, he has a proven track record of doing it. Now a chef can’t just go earn these stars. They have to work or own a restaurant, and the agency then awards these stars to these restaurants. It sounds pretty wild if you think about it, but it took him a very long time to build up his track record.

We do the same thing with our online businesses. Instead of cooking for someone, we are building a track record of what we do. Whether it is helping someone or creating content to teach what you do, either way, it’s about proving you are an expert. You cant skip from being unskilled to an expert either. No one can. It takes time, energy, and effort to become an expert. So why is that important for you to know? It took Gordon his whole career. Now, if you’re someone just starting out, keep in mind that to be an expert takes years to establish. If you figure out something you’re good at, then you need to keep chasing after it. For example, take a look at this website here. Harrison is a LinkedIn expert but now is creating a blog along with videos to help prove he is an expert. Millions of other people are doing this, and it’s only growing in popularity.

The second part of the above statement is you need to have a history of showing what you’re good at.

This can be established through a blog, testimonials, or teachings. If you’re good at something, the chances are good that you can teach others what you’re good at. This ties back in with blogging. If you’re good at it and you can create informative content that explains to people what a process is, then your building a history of proof to know what you’re good at. Companies do this all the time, whether it is a large company like or a small company like Either way, they have proven to people they know what they are doing, and they create content regularly to prove they know what they are good at. They say you retain over 80% of what you learn if you teach it. That couldn’t be more correct, whether it’s a youtube video, personal blog, or another outlet for expressing yourself. Giving it time, energy, or effort can help it grow.


Key takeaways if you’re looking to be an expert.

Start proving you are one by creating content that helps others understand you’re the go-to person.

Don’t rush the process. Becoming an expert can take years. Pick something you want to be an expert in and stick with it. Over time it will continue to grow, and you will get better and better at it.

Get testimonials. Helping others is a great way to show you are an expert and show them out to other people! It’s important to keep letting others know you’re the guy with the answers.

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