How Much Does a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Cost?

It is estimated that with the help of a direct marketing campaign in USA the sales of the particular company increased by 28%. Therefore, business people believe that there is still scope for direct mail marketing and people still prefer the old methods. Numerous factors affect the cost of the direct marketing campaign in USA. In this article, all the numerous factors will be taken into account, and the exact value of conducting a direct marketing campaign in USA will be given.

The general cost of direct mail is between $0.40 up to $10 per person. This cost includes all the costs, such as design, marketing, mailing, printing, and mail distribution. The cost can also be reduced if most of the work is done in the company itself. Work such as design and marketing can be done in-house by the company itself. Doing such works will reduce the cost of the campaign significantly. The factors that affect the cost of the campaign are mentioned below.

1 Cost of the Campaign

The first factor that affects the campaign’s cost is the cost of how much you decide to spend on the campaign. The average cost of one campaign is in the range of $100-$1,000. These costs are finalized, including the design, marketing, mailing, printing, and distribution. The cost also increases if you want to have a specific image or a design in mind. If you have a designer in the company, then the costs can be reduced significantly as they charge a lot.

2 Designs of the Campaign

Knowing how much you spend on the campaign will decide what things can be done in-house and what items must be given to third-party services. If you decide to design the campaign in-house, you can save a considerable amount. You can also search for DIY videos and get the job done more quickly, and you can also use stock images. If you have an in-house designer, it is preferable as the designer will be aware of your brand requirements and fulfill the demands.

3 Templates of the Campaign

There are several templates available online that can guide you through the format of the campaign. You can also add some unique and artistic sides from your end, making it a more fun and attractive template. The templates are available to buy online for a minimum of $10. Templates for cover letters, postcards, letters, checks, etc., are available on the internet. Some of the paid templates also come with stock images that can be helpful for the company.

4 Letting the Professional Do the Work

When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that he will finish the entire job within the given time. The work quality is also excellent, and you can focus on other aspects and let the professionals do the work. The average cost charged by a freelancer professional is between $80 to $100 per hour. You can negotiate and get the job done in less. If the designs are more complex and sophisticated, the designers charge more. The cost of hiring a professional will be between $200 to $2,000. These professionals ensure that your vision is printed on the mail and the customers feel the brand’s personal touch.

To Conclude

The professionals and designers working at L&D Mail Masters Inc can help you get original and unique direct marketing campaign in USA, helping you increase your revenue.

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