How does technology impact children in recent times and future?

Due to advanced technology, now almost everyone has access to technical gadgets. We can’t imagine spending our day without the interference of technology. From waking up in the morning until going to bed, our life is much more dependent on technology.

Because of this, children can also have access to technology very quickly. Generally, children have a very common habit of imitation. They imitate the habits of parents first. Therefore, when both parents are gradually busy with their smartphones, children will also imitate them by using their own smart gadgets.

Therefore, you can see how family time is wonderfully killed by technology. On the other hand, it has been proved in recent studies that children suffer from severe physical diseases due to the overuse of technology. Besides, they are becoming unsocial and do not want to go out of the house.

Therefore, here is a list of both the good and bad impacts of technology upon children.

The negative impact of technology upon children

Minimizes the concentration level

This is the commonest negative impact of technology on children. Due to using tablets, mobile phones, computers all along the day, his concentration level hampers. Most of the time, children use these gadgets for either playing games or to watch videos. This breaks concentration levels during the study.

Children lose patience

One of the most important characteristics is patience. Every child must practice how to increase the level of patience. Even if you try to increase the level of patience by practising yoga or meditation, all may ruin within a fraction of a second. Do you know how?

Due to over usage of technology, all effort may drain away. Undoubtedly, technology has reduced the waiting time a lot. One can easily reach virtually even after sitting in two different countries. Besides, watching shows and listening to music can be done within a fraction of a second due to the introduction of technology.

In this way, children forget to keep patience. This has a good many negative impacts on our daily life.

The increasing level of risk with lacking privacy

Even though today’s teenagers are growing up in the utmost technical world, they often fail to learn about the importance of security. They often fail to safeguard those uploaded data on social sites. Now, this will bring the problem.

With the pace of growth in technological advancement, the number of hackers is also rising day by day. Those hackers used to intrude the privacy of teenagers through technology. Due to lack of knowledge, children could hardly understand that they are under the grief of hackers.

Children forget about face to face interaction

Advanced technology has provided us with so many advantages. Among them, communication is the most effective one. Through technological advancement, we can easily communicate with our friends instantly. There are so many social networking sites also taking place.

There is no age bar, so children can quickly enter into the world of a social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Although they would like to communicate over the web, they forget to socialise with family relatives and even their parents. Therefore, it has become a matter of concern.

The positive impact of technology upon children

When it comes to the matter of analysing the positive impact, certainly there are some good effects. Many scientists say that all depends upon the usage of technology. So, do not think much about purchasing a computer by arranging funds through payday loans for the unemployed from direct lenders.

Helps in learning

Have you ever thought about this pandemic? Moreover, we could have ever imagined that pandemics will hit hard so that schools will close. Although schools remained close at the initial stage, after some months again all schools started.

This time there is no physical schools. Instead, all the schools conducted their virtual classes. It has happened just because of technological advancement. Children can quickly learn from their homes, and teachers can easily teach from their homes through web connections.

Deep learning

Before introducing technology, a student needs to search for different reference books in libraries or book shops. However, some of them they get while some the unable to find out. However, after the introduction of technology, deep learning no longer becomes a hindrance.

Just because of a steady internet connection, a student can get enough reference eBooks free.

Helps children to improve multitasking habit

It has been observed that children who use technical gadgets in completing whether study or project can do better multitasking than others. When a student hears a learning video, he improves hearing, seeing, and taking notes simultaneously. In this way, his multitasking ability also improves.

However, according to a group of scientists, ‘it is completely superficial that technology only has a bad impact. Rather whether the impact will be bad or good completely depends upon the user.’ Therefore, if a child uses technology for learning, surely he can get enough materials for enhancing knowledge.

Apart from that, the usage of technology in daily life improves the decision-making ability and confidence within children.

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