How Does Orthodontics Affect Your Gums?

A lot of individuals go for straightening their teeth. What is the reason behind this? They do this for aesthetic purposes. But straightening the teeth is not the only purpose of orthodontics. This treatment has some other benefits like improving the teeth’s wear pattern, right pressure on the jaw bones and cleaning the teeth very easily. Your gum health and orthodontics are connected to each other. There are a number of ways in which the shape and health of your gums get affected by orthodontics. Now I am going to tell you how orthodontics affects your gums.

Gingival windows, gum recession, gingivitis, teeth movement and gum disease are some scenarios that you need to look at. If these happen in adults and children then how will you differentiate these scenarios among them?

Adults sometimes suffer from gingival windows

When you align the crowded teeth in teens, the new space gets filled with the response of the gums. But in adults the case is different. If their teeth that are newly aligned have space between them then it is not possible to completely fill the space because there is less resilience in their gums. Gingival window is the name of the resulting space. However, for your gum health you need not to get concerned because of this. If the patient has aesthetic concern, then with the help of gum procedures, aesthetic bonding and teeth’s reshaping you can easily resolve this issue

Prevent gum recession

Because of gum recession the gum health is affected a lot while undergoing treatment for orthodontics. It is necessary that in your jaw bone the tooth is placed at the center. If it is not placed at the center then gum recession can occur. When an orthodontist treats those patients that are young then he feels great. It is because in these patients there are chances that in the bone a more centering of the teeth can occur. Because of this in the future the quality of your gums surrounding the teeth can get improved.

In a number of situations, because of orthodontic treatment it is possible to completely resolve the issue of gum recession. In some other situations grafting is needed for resolving the already existing gum recession in a number of patients. This can happen after the treatment for orthodontics or before the treatment for orthodontics. A periodontist will help you in treating your gum recession. Normally, the adults’ gums can get regenerated in an easier way as compared to the growing patients’ gums.

Keep away the gingivitis

You may be taking care of your teeth in some way but you will experience a number of changes in your way of doing this if you undergo an orthodontic treatment. For preventing gingivitis while undergoing an orthodontic treatment you have to go for dental cleanings frequently as recommended by the dentist. During the treatment of orthodontics, keeping the teeth clean is very important. We do this to have natural and healthy gums. The patient can get more comfortable experience in an orthodontic treatment if he has clean teeth. It will help him in getting nicer results. When the treatment is over then keeping the gingivitis away will be very easy for the patients because now, he has aligned teeth and cleaning these teeth will be very easy for them.

Teeth movement

Sometimes seeing the movement of your teeth in an orthodontic treatment may not be possible for you. But in your gums and jawbone, several changes can happen because of the constant pressure applied by the braces. When every month the braces are adjusted by an orthodontist then you can have a feeling of soreness in your gums. But after the removal of the braces, you can get back your normal gums, especially when there is a relation between your teeth movement and your swollen gums.

Gum disease

Around the teeth, tiny spaces are created by the braces. In these spaces trapping of the food particles can occur. Because of this the development of bacteria can occur. This will result in the formation of plaque. The gum disease can occur because of plaque. So regularly brush and floss your teeth so as to remove the plaque.

During the treatment communication with the dentists as well as with you is necessary. The reasons are mentioned above. This will help you in getting a beautiful outcome in the end.

If I ever have the problem in my gums then I will visit the dentist nearby. He will provide me with the best treatment.

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