How are the commercial steam cleaners used by professionals better?

In recent years, DIY has taken the world by storm. Almost every other person wants to undertake a project after seeing it on YouTube or other social media channels.

Another type of video that many people adore is the satisfying cleaning process. In fact, there are channels dedicated to carpet cleaning videos. Well, if you are deciding to deep clean your carpets after viewing those videos, then here is your sign of stopping immediately.

Carpet cleaning isn’t just limited to pressure washing the dirt away. Professionals use the right method, proper products, and reliable equipment to make your carpet look new and smell clean. Your conventional cleaning methods can backfire the whole process. You may even end up destroying the carpet altogether.

How is professional service different than DIY?

The satisfying videos you view are produced by professionals. They have every necessary item with them. And most of the time, these videos only show certain parts, meaning you don’t see the whole process.

By hiring a professional, first, you can stay away from any possible mistakes. And second, the professionals come equipped with commercial-grade steam cleaners.

What are commercial steam cleaners, and how are they best?

Commercial-grade steam cleaners work in a similar fashion as the household steam cleaner, but they are designed for maximum exertion.

These steam cleaners can be used for both commercial and residential purposes by simply managing the power setting.

Commercial steam cleaners have more running time, more steam power and have various accessories that can be interchanged as required. So, if you have a heavy-duty task at your hand, then only commercial steam cleaners can prove relevant to eliminate the grimes, dirt, and allergens while retaining the carpets’ fabric.

Types of commercial steam cleaners

Even though the commercial steam cleaners only have one job that is of steam-cleaning, the market has a few variations in the form of:

1- Commercial hand-held steam cleaners: Commercial hand-held steam cleaners are preferred by carpet cleaners when the task is light. This lightweight and portable steam cleaner doesn’t take a lot of space and is easy to store.

This type of steam cleaner is used to clean off the tiniest stains and smudges of dirt from the tight corners of your office or home.

2- Commercial steam mops: Steam mops are similar to normal mop but with technological advancements. Similar to hand-held steam cleaners, even commercial steam mops are lightweight and are used for cleaning the floor.

Commercial steam mop’s easy-to-handle feature makes it easy for professionals to perform length, tiring projects with ease.

Another thing about commercial steam mops is that they have built-in water tanks around the handle. This type of steamer works really well for disinfecting the floors or carpets directly. Plus, their stature doesn’t take a lot of storage space.

3- Commercial canister steam cleaners: This type of steam cleaners are a combination of the two types mentioned above. Commercial canister steam cleaners are a bit heavy, large, and can occupy substantial storage space.

Commercial canister steam cleaners are preferred by many professionals because they are a versatile option. They can do the jobs of both steam-mop and hand-held steam cleaners. Plus, they come with a handful of different accessories.

Besides having a different working body, steam cleaners can work in different ways, too, such as:

Vapor steam cleaner

As the name suggests, these steam cleaners rely on vapor to do the work.

The water boils in the water tank of the equipment and turns into steam. This steam then moves from the tube to the nozzle and blasts out of the cleaner on the surface and melts the dirt away.

Unless you opt for a dry vapor steam cleaner, the cleaning process will leave a coat of moisture on the surface.

Vacuum steam cleaner

This type of steam cleaner blasts the steam out to melt the dirt and then employs suction to remove the residue.

Since vacuum steam cleaners have a lower water component in the steam, they do not leave any moisture behind.

High-temperature and High-pressure steam cleaner

Commercial steam cleaners have both high temperatures and pressure.

Besides temperature, even pressure plays an important role in the steam cleaning process. The higher the pressure is, the greater the force of steam hitting the surface, thus completing the deep cleaning in just a few seconds.

With a perfect combination of pressure and temperature, the works become easier.

To be concluded

We know it can be tempting to undertake DIY projects. But, you must understnd that your carpets need deep de-greasing and disinfecting simultaneously. Only a commercial carpet steamer is capable of doing that.

And we don’t think investing in commercial carpet cleaners for a DIY project will be a feasible decision. Instead, work with Windell’s Carpet Care and let the professionals handle the dirty work for you!

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