Here is what you can Expect from a Reliable Collision Repair Center

Vehicle restoration is imperative, especially if your car has sustained severe damages. In order to get the best possible services, you may conduct hours of research to find the best Collision Repair Center in Louisville, KY.

But, once the repair center is finalized, your mind may have various questions lingering. One of which is, of course, “what can I expect when I get there?”

Well, a reliable repair center will have a streamlined process that focuses on four important aspects, such as:

  • High-level customer service
  • Employing only trained and certified auto repair technicians
  • Offering safe and professional repair
  • Utilizing high-tech tools, equipment, and process to carry out the work

All of these aspects have only one goal: to offer you repair services that meet your expectations without compromise.

Besides these aspects, you can expect to receive a plethora of services like:

1. Earn your trust: When you visit the collision center for the first time, the staff will make you feel welcome, relaxed, and confident so that you can trust them to correctly restore your vehicle to its pre-damaged condition.

The repair technician will assess the vehicle’s damage and explain what repairs are required and why. He may also explain everything that will take place once you hand over the key till the restored vehicle is delivered. The first meet can also include filing an insurance claim so that overall cost can be managed easily.

A good collision repair center will never proceed with the repair process until you fully understand the process.

2. Offer complete damage analysis: Many auto repair shops limit their inspection till the visible damage and proceed to create a written estimation based on that.

But a reliable collision center goes above and beyond. They disassemble the damaged area to inspect any hidden damage that otherwise would have been missed, causing bigger problems down the line.

All the damages are then documented, and a repair plan is devised to restore, repair, and replace the necessary areas.

Once the repair plan is fully generated, a copy of the same will be shared with you, and the details will be explained. The technician will then answer any questions you have in regards to the repair plan.

The same repair plan will be shared with the insurance provider, additionally. Once you and the insurance provider authorize the repair work, they will proceed to order the required parts and get started with the process.

3. Restoration of structure: A reliable collision center aims to restore the body of the vehicle to its original state. This is because the structural integrity of the vehicle is imperative to maintain safety, regardless of how minor or extensive the damage is.

And if you believe that the car’s frame cannot be restored once bent in a collision, trust us; experts know how to restore things with the proper method.

Reliable collision centers have expert technicians and high-tech equipment. When these forces are combined together, you can expect even severe damage to be restored with utmost accuracy.

In case if there is a need for a replacement that isn’t mentioned in the repair plan, you will be notified about the same. And once you and the insurance providers offer the authorization, the work will be carried on.

4. Cosmetic repairs: Once the bodywork is completed, the technicians will then proceed to prepping and repainting the damaged areas. The prep and undercoat are as important as the topcoat because they determine the longevity and durability of the finished paint job.

A reliable shop will take care of this part using only high-quality products.

For instance, they should remove all trim parts instead of masking them. This way, the undamaged areas don’t get impacted due to overspray.

Plus, they will prefer using computerized color matching to ensure the new paint matches the existing color seamlessly.

5. Refinish process: The next process is the topcoat refinishing process. During this process, your vehicle is moved to a special paint booth that mimics the conditions of the vehicle manufacturing unit. This way, a dust-free, controlled environment is generated to heat the paint at the relevant temperature required to achieve the factory-quality finish.

Then the topcoat is given a protective clear coat for the showroom like a gloss. At last, special equipment is used to polish the paint. This process ensures the restored parts match the undamaged part’s texture seamlessly.

6. Vehicle assembly: Once the painting process is completed, the technicians proceed to put everything back in its original place while ensuring the newly applied paint isn’t scratched or chipped.

Everything is properly reinstalled, adjusted, and aligned to match the undamaged parts.

Once everything is in place, the technician proceeds to evaluate the vehicle minutely to ensure there is no obvious sign of recent repair.

7. Final detailing: For an effective quality control measure, the technician will cross-check the repairs based on the repair plan to verify quality and ensure that everything is completed as suggested.

Their staff will also get rid of any gathered dust in the nooks and crannies to give your vehicle a seamless, smooth finish. Now, your vehicle is ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

8. Vehicle delivery: You can either stop by to collect the vehicle or request the collision center to deliver the vehicle to your doorstep.

Before you take away your vehicle, the collision center’s manager will ask you to inspect it. He/she will answer any questions you have and provide you any special instructions (if there are) while disclosing all the warranties on the repair.

To be concluded

When you work with a reliable Collision Repair Center in Louisville, KY, like Glaser’s Collision Centeryou can stay assured of receiving the best possible restoration services. This is because they treat your vehicle as their own.

Plus, they guarantee to conduct all the services mentioned above to ensure your vehicle is ready to be on the road just as it was before the damages occurred.

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