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Generation 56K 2021 Tv Series Review

Those who grew up in the 90s know well that unmistakable sound of the 56K modem, that sequence of infinite and apparently meaningless notes that have remained engraved in the memory of an entire generation, which Netflix has decided to call “56k Generation”. This is precisely the title of the new Italian series of the streaming platform produced by Cattleya in collaboration with The Jackal which wanted to bring back to the memory of today’s thirty-year-olds the years of their childhood between first loves, friendships, rivalries and all the folklore of Southern Italian families. Starring Angelo Spagnoletti, Cristina Cappelli, Giankuca Fru, Fabio Balsamo, Alfredo Cerrone and Egidio Mercurio, this series will make its debut on July 1st on the Netflix catalog, but we who have already seen it want to tell you, in preview, our opinion.

A sober dip in the 90s between 883, the lire, the first computers and …
Generation 56K is a very pleasant Italian summer tale, a romantic comedy that focuses on classicism with the inclusion of some elements of modernity such as temporal leaps between a past and a present that somehow seem to dialogue with each other. It is a somewhat nostalgic tale of a past, sometimes maliconic, sometimes euphoric which, however, does not exceed with excessive references to the stereotypes of the 90s. Generation 56K is able to remove rather than add and for this reason it is a quality product that does not fall into the blind adoration of a past that no longer exists. Thus, in the scenes that recall Daniel’s middle school period, Matilda and their friends, various references to the 90s peep out such as the first computer of olivetti, floppies, cassettes, the slowness of the first internet in loading images, school diaries of the past, the large and colorful sweaters, the lire, the 883 and for those who grew up with those same habits it is very nice to remember, without excessive melancholy, their childhood and identify with the characters of the series and the their families.

The story is based on a somewhat simplistic message about love
The story is divided into 8 episodes, lasting half an hour each, and the vision is very smooth. Sober, polite and above all romantic (even too much), this series is ideal for a light summer evening and is a product that convinces in terms of direction, photography and screenplay, even if there is something wrong. And this something is precisely in the love story at the center of the narrative, the one between Daniel and his middle-aged partner Matilda (at the time ugly, hated and called “Satan”). The two reunite as adults and fall in love instantly, the classic love at first sight of a romantic comedy. And that’s how she, with a crush on him since she was a child, falls back at his feet and decides to give up her carefully constructed life together with her future husband to get together with her old middle school mate. A little for fear of missing something, a little because it is a victim of the resurfacing of past emotions, what is not convincing, indeed, what is a little sorry is that love is represented only as the result of a fortuitous encounter between two who are in a bit of a crisis in their lives and who liked each other as children. A somewhat simplistic and reductive vision of love which to be such must deal with reality, even if romantic comedies seem to have a tremendous fear of it. Let’s say that, as per the American script, the good guy is dumped for the new handsome guy who seems to promise a better future. And this is how the representation of interpersonal relationships in Generation 56K that falls into the trap of stereotypes of a kind of story that, perhaps, could be updated to contemporaneity, is a bit banal and even a bit reductive.

Perhaps, from the point of view of the love relationship we expected a little more maturity and that same adherence to reality that the series has under another aspect, that of the story of the 90s. Pleasant on the one hand but a little disappointing on the other all in all Generation 56K is a good product and perhaps, in a hypothetical second season, you can do a little more.

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