ganglands 2021 tv series review

Ganglands 2021 Tv Series Review

Netflix’s latest French thriller series, ‘Gangland’ (Original title: Braqueurs) is all set to debut this September. The action-packed trailer may have given away a tad too much of the premise, but the Julien Leclercq-created series promises a strong storyline and some high-octane action. Starring Sami Bouajila and Sam Kalidi in lead roles, the series follows a thief and an ace robber getting their hands dirty as they get involved in a murky turf war between drug dealers.

‘Gangland’ joins the list of foreign content the streaming network has dropped in September. Some of the previous releases, ‘Into the Night’ Season 2 and ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ were absolute humdingers and joins the list of some of the best foreign dramas the platform has released.

The official synopsis reads: “Mehdi, a qualified robber, and Liana, an apprentice thief, get involved in a turf war between drug dealers, and have to collaborate in order to save their loved ones.” The six-episode series will follow Mehdi and Tracy Gotoas’ Liana as they fend off mobsters and drug lords to rescue Mehdi’s niece, Sofia.

Bouajila plays Mehdi, the robber who has been notorious for successful heists. The actor is best known for his work in ‘The Siege’, ‘The Adventures of Felix’ and ‘Days of Glory’. The rest of the cast includes Samuel Juoy (‘Iskander: Shadow of the River’), Tracy Gotoas (‘The Troubleshooter’), Nabiha Akkari (‘The Bureau’), Sofia Lesaffre, Sofia Lesaffre, and Bakary Diombera.

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