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Parents who already have a baby already know. Shopping for the baby begins long before the offspring see the light of day. Not only do parents want to be well prepared for the baby, but the expectant mother also has different needs than those who are already mothers. In this article, I want to walk you through kindergarten from head to tail. Put together instructions on what you will likely need for pregnancy when your darling leaves the house. Pregnancy Although pregnancy is of course experienced differently by all women, there are still a few things that should not be missing from the “maternity kit”. Regardless of how your pregnancy goes,

First trimester

  • Prenatal vitamins: Folic acid prevents neural tube defects. You should actually take these vitamins before conception, but if pregnancy surprised you, start now.
  • Books: A good book that will tell you all about pregnancy and newborns. Especially if this is your first baby.
  • Moisturizer: Many pregnant women complain of dry and itchy skin. Use an excellent moisturizer that can help you in the first place by keeping your skin moist and supple from the start of your pregnancy.


Second trimester

  • Maternity Belt: This is a strong, elastic band that goes under your growing belly for extra support. This can help prevent and / or relieve pregnancy-related back pain.
  • Comfortable shoes: Even if you could walk in high heels, comfortable flat shoes offer more support. Falling into high heels can be devastating during pregnancy.
  • New bras: Since breasts usually grow by at least one cup size during pregnancy, you should get new bras. It is best to seek advice as there are bras out there that you can use for breastfeeding as well. These bras are also known as nursing bras.
  • Maternity wear: Comfortable, loose-fitting maternity wear is important during pregnancy. There are enough moments during pregnancy when you don’t feel so 100% that your clothes shouldn’t be the cause.
  • Pillows: Sleeping with a big belly is not always easy. Additional pillows in the bed will help you to lie a little more comfortably. Antacids. Heartburn is common during pregnancy and can cause significant discomfort. Antacids and Mylanta should not be missing from your pharmacy. However, it is important that you check with your treating doctor first before taking any medication.

Third trimester

  • Car Seat: As soon as you near your due date, consider getting a car seat. No matter where you live, you need a car seat. Immediately after you leave the hospital with your baby. This is required by law.
  • cot: a basket wagon or a pack and play bed. The baby needs its own safe place to sleep. Even if it will sleep in bed with you. There are many times during the day when you just want to lay your baby down quickly and safely. A basket wagon is ideal for this.
  • Diapers and towels: the first baby kit
  • baby kit is a collection of clothing for the newborn. It’s a good idea to have some things on hand before the baby is born. These include blankets to wrap the baby, pajamasbaby shoessocksheadgearbibsburp cloths, and towelsIt is a good idea to wash everything beforehand with a mild detergent as the baby’s skin is very delicate.

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  • Bottles and Pumps:  Even if you plan to breastfeed, it is good to have a breast pump and extra bottles on hand for freezing and storing milk. Expressing milk gives you a little more flexibility should you ever leave your baby with a babysitter.  If you decide to use infant formula, you will need bottles (which can be sterilized) and lots of baby milk powder.


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