Eternals 2021 Movie Review

“Eternals” is a movie that is loaded with actors and different ideas. 

Our Critic: 

Yet, Eternals is a blockbuster movie but the story is not so good. There is great work done on the animations and the action scenes. But, when we watch the movie we can notice the villain is not so powerful or we can say not enough work and focus is done to make the villain more powerful or strong. All the focus was on the superheroes, how they are saving the earth from danger. Director Chloé Zhao applies her distinctive aesthetic imprint to “Eternals,” but she can only do so much to bend the Marvel Cinematic Universe to her will. 

If we talk about Marvel, or you are a die-hard fan of Marvel then you would know there is one movie made on every superhero to understand the character and to build an impression in the audience’s mind. In Eternals, there is no such thing. We can say this is a little bit of a mess. This will take some time to understand the characters for a normal audience instead you are a die-hard fan of Marvel. 

You will also see an Indian touch in this movie. Indian culture is beautifully expressed in this movie like Indian weddings, rituals, and many other things. The Indian touch in this movie explains the future of Bollywood in the Hollywood film industry. 

The cinematography of the film is so good that we recommend to all to watch the movie at least once. There is a lot of work done on the visual effects in the movie.

Marvels are the blockbuster movies and the fan list includes the 13-year-old kids to adults and oldies also. Talking about this movie, if you are watching this movie with your parents then you can feel some embarrassment in 2,3 places as it includes some intimate scenes with the kissing scenes. Yes, it’s true we are shocked why these scenes are included in this type of movie.

Eternals Trailer

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