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Eden 2021 Tv Series Review

Netflix finally dropped the most awaited trailer of its upcoming sci-fi series “Eden.” The streaming giant has a very exciting line-up of anime series, but fans have been waiting for this particular one for quite a while. The great thing is they don’t have to wait for very long to see the Eden Anime as it will premiere this very month. So, when will it be available to watch online? Here are all the latest details.

Eden is a Netflix original sci-fi anime series. Justin Leach created this show for Netflix. Yasuhiro Irie, renowned for the Fullmetal Alchemist series, directed this show, whereas Kumeko Ieno has written it. Moreover, Qubic Pictures and CGCG Studio are animating this anime that will be exclusive to stream on Netflix only.

Synopsis: What Is The New Anime About?
According to Netflix, the story of this anime will take place a thousand years ahead in time in a city named Eden 3. It is a society where only robots exist, and their masters said to vanished a long time ago. The robots think that humans are nothing but an ancient myth. However, two farming robots accidentally awaken a human girl. Both of them secretly raised this girl outside the city.

Eden Anime: Newly Released Trailer!
The trailer for one of the most anticipated shows of this month is finally out. It introduces us all to the protagonist of the show named Sara. The trailer begins with Sara finding an AI program. The function asked her to undertake a difficult task that is to save humanity. After hearing that, Sara becomes very happy as there other humans out there too. Robots secretly raised her in a city named Eden. Therefore, she never met any human. The trailer features her adventures in the city and her quest to save humanity. However, some of the robots don’t want to see humans in their perfect world. So, Sara’s journey is going to be difficult and full of challenges.

Episode Count & Cast Details!
According to MyAnimeList, the upcoming sci-fi anime series will only run for four episodes. Now it will be interesting to see how they will cover the entire story in only four episodes. On the other hand, Netflix revealed both Japanese and English voice actors of Eden. Marika Konou and Ruby Rose will portray Sara, whereas Kentaro Ito and David Tennant will appear as E92. Besides, Kyoko Hikami and Rosario Dawson will voice A37, alongside Koichi Yamadera and Neil Pattrick Harris who will play the role of Zero.

Fans are very excited as they will see finally see the anticipated sci-fi anime after two weeks. The Eden anime is all set to premiere on Thursday, May 27, 2021. All four episodes will come out on the same day and will be available to stream worldwide on the streaming giant.

Source: theanimedaily

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