Cruella 2021 movie

Cruella Review 2021 By Craig Gillespie

Writers: Dana Fox (screenplay by), Tony McNamara

Stars: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry

It’s one of those movies that depict an original story full of action. It’s about Cruella de Vil, one of the villains from Disney’s 1961 classics.

Stella, the front-line character, dreams of becoming a fashion designer but an unfortunate incident forces her to keep her aspirations aside. The death of her mother takes her into a different domain of life which she uses for a petty crime.

The crime thriller gives a synopsis of a Disney history. One might see the genius in the villain that this movie tries to showcase. It’s a better way to show a villain that the audience can love in an unconventional way. As many people have said, evil is more frightening than good.

The Cast

First of all, we should make it clear that the cast did an outstanding job. Stone, Emma Thompson and the supporting characters, namely Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser, specifically were perfect for the job. John McCrea’s Artie was also amusing to the eye.

We can’t help it but give a special mention to Jenny Beavan’s costume designing. All in all, Emma Stone was the most interesting addition in the movie.

Our Verdict

What we would have liked more is a bit more basing in the movie. The story moves slower than what keeps the audience interested, generally speaking. It would have given the movie more of an edge rather than just following the history.

Also, the sound track was not up to the mark. As good as the costumes were, the sound track was equally bad. However, some of the tracks were really good but, you might find them out of the picture. The majority of those songs were from the 1960s and many of us might not notice that.

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