Common Problems Associated with DIY Junk Removal that should be Avoided

If you’re a Louisville resident, you know carrying out junk removal in Louisville, KY, is not an easy task. Some professionals can help you take out the junk and get it disposed of correctly. Everyone gets excited at the thought of junk removal in Louisville, KY, but once they get started, people often realize they are not trained for this. Luckily for you, we have this article to help you understand some common problems people face with DIY junk removal methods in Louisville, KY, and following some common mistakes you should avoid.

Three main common DIY problems

Before you start removing the junk, we would like to point out the common DIY problems people face.

1. There is too much junk

You might not realize it, but the amount of junk you can remove from the corner would amaze you. However, before jumping and deciding to remove said junk, you should consider that the junk visible in front of your eyes is not the only one there is. For example, the trash accumulated in the attic, the garage, and the basement won’t be visible to the naked eye. Imagine years of chocolate covers and chips packets lying around the basement. Cleaning them is a big task. However, after you reach out, you will realize a serious amount of junk is hidden behind those places. Therefore, you must always get a dumpster and be prepared for the junk you might uncover.

2. You are disorganized

Junk Removal is a process that starts great, but once the hidden debris starts coming out, it becomes a mess. You start removing the mess from one corner of the garage, and then your attention immediately goes to the junk behind the boxes in the garage. You then clear them out and forget about the mess from the earlier corner. You cannot remain focused on cleaning one portion of the house. And without a clear strategy, this mission is bound to fail. You might even start regretting your choice, and it would seem like there are more clusters than before.

3. Takes up a lot of your time

You start junk removal thinking that it would be completed within an hour or two. After a couple of hours, however, you realize that you’re not even halfway clean, and the hours feel wasted. Then you think about calling in the professionals. They clean up the junk quickly and leave you to your work. But how do they do it so quickly? They are trained and have proper strategies on how to manage the junk efficiently. They know which corner or behind which appliances they might find huge pieces of junk and come prepared accordingly.

Common junk removal mistakes that should be avoided

These are some of the common junk removal mistakes people make, and you should try to avoid these.

1. Dumping the junk illegally

Many people ignore this fact and dump their trash anywhere. You might feel like tossing them in the dumpster is the right choice. However, if the junk has electronic appliances, you cannot simply dispose of them at the dumpster. When caught, you might face some serious consequences as there are strict laws here in Louisville about disposing of trash.

2. Segregate the waste before dumping

If you are a responsible citizen, then you will segregate the waste before dumping them. The dry and the wet waste do not mix well, and they harm the environment. Also, when you segregate the waste, you’re helping the garbage collector and making their job easy. You can go the extra mile by not only segregating but also by labeling the junk.

3. Avoid burning the trash

It is no secret that your trash contains plastic and other hazardous materials, which are not good for the environment. When you burn the trash, you’re not only polluting the air, but you are also inhaling dangerous fumes. If your neighbor gets irritated by the fire and the smoke, they can complain about it to the homeowner’s association, which could lead to other serious complications.

4. Not getting a proper dumpster

For your regular waste and junk, a neighborhood dumpster is enough and will do the trick. But what if you’re renovating or moving into a new place? You would produce more junk than normal, and the neighborhood dumpster may not be good enough for you. In such cases, you’ll need to rent an additional dumpster that will store your trash. The new dumpster will be under your control and helps you secure all the trash in a single place.

Final thoughts

The points mentioned earlier were some of the common problems and mistakes you should avoid while doing DIY junk removal in Louisville, KY. For more help, you can contact the professionals from Chunk N Junk.

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