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A React vs. Angular comparison remains we tend toll-liked topic in 2020. React and AngularJS are each advanced, wide adopted JavaScript (JS) technologies that we North American nations to form interactive single-page applications (SPAs). the quantity of JS tools for quick single-page application development is continually growing, creating the selection of that technology to think about more difficult for us as net developers.

First, take a look at the React vs. Angular comparison in the table below.

TechnologyAngular JSReact
Technology typeFull-fledged MVC framework written in JavaScriptJavaScript library(View in MVC; requires Flux to implement architecture)
ConceptBrings JavaScript into HTML Works with the real DOM Client-side renderingBrings HTML into JavaScript Works with the virtual DOM Server-side rendering
Data bindingTwo-way data bindingOne-way data binding
DependenciesManages dependencies automaticallyRequires additional tools to manage dependencies
LanguageJavaScript + HTMLJavaScript + JSX
Last versionAngularJS 1.7.9React 16.2.0
Suits bestBest for SPAs that update single view at a timeBest for SPAs that update many views at a time

React vs. Angular Differentiate

The important versions among AngularJS (the framework) and React (the library) are inside the following elements

  • Componentization
  • Data binding
  • Performance
  • Dependency resolution
  • Directive
  • Templating. 

Let’s take a glance at each of these elements separately.



AngularJS has a completely complicated and glued shape due to the fact it is primarily based totally at the 3 layers — Model, read, and Controller — normal of single-web page applications. associate object $scope in AngularJS is liable for the Model part, which is initialized through the Controller after which converted into hypertext markup language to form the View for the user. AngularJS affords many trendy services, factories, controllers, directives, and different additives as how to make the effort for a JavaScript developer to grasp initially.

With AngularJS we tend to ruin the utility code into numerous documents. For example, while we create a reusable factor with our directive, controller, and templet, we must describe each bite of code in a completely separate file. Once we describe our directive, we then upload a hyperlink to our templet in the directive to couple those parts.

AngularJS directives constitute the template common sense in your utility. The template is machine-readable text mark-up language prolonged with AngularJS directives, normally written as tags or attributes. we generally tend to conjointly upload controllers to deliver our fashions with necessary $scope or context. Controllers are written in separate documents as well. as soon as we modularize our utility in this sort of way, we’re capable of following our template or detail in a completely exceptional part of the website.



Facebook, the writer of React, selected a structure distinct from that of AngularJS and comparable MVC frameworks. In short, there may be no “correct” shape for programs constructed to React.

React is a big JavaScript library that allows us to replace the View for the user. But React nonetheless would not allow us to create programs on its own. The library lacks the version and controller layers. To fill withinside the gap, Facebook brought Flux, which has several versions nowadays, to manipulate the software workflow.

React presents a completely easy and green manner to construct element trees. It boasts a practical programming fashion wherein element definitions are declarative. Code written in React is logically structured Associate in Nursingd clear because of the supply of components. The React library doesn’t demand that you just write code during a sure way. They recommend that you use JSX (a special XML-like syntax) to make categories and templates, however, it’s additionally potential to jot down plain JavaScript and HTML. This helps JavaScript developers adapt to React applications additional easily, as there’s no uncommon syntax to learn.

React offers freedom that AngularJS doesn’t. however, this freedom comes at the value of beyond regular time spent planning the structure of an application. Before we tend to begin a brand new project, we have to be compelled to accept what instruments we tend to are attending to use. after you have to choose a tool from among a hundred choices to resolve one task, this alternative becomes cumbersome.

React vs. Angular Data Binding


AngularJS connects the Document Object Model (DOM) values to Model data through the Controller using two-way data binding. In short, if the user interacts with an input field and provides a replacement value to the app, then not only the View is updated, but the Model also. Two-way data binding is beneficial for AngularJS because it helps us write less boilerplate code to form interactions between components (the View and thus the Model) in our application. We don’t get to invent how to trace changes within the app and alter our JavaScript code accordingly.

AngularJS mechanically creates a watcher for every binding. throughout development, we tend to might return to a degree once the associate app is filled with too several watchers for certain elements.


But what are the blessings of React over AngularJS almost about records binding? React makes use of one-manner records binding, which means we’re capable of direct the glide of records most effectively in a single direction. Because of this, it’s usually clean in which the records changed into changed. It’s well worth noting that two-manner records binding changed into to be had in React earlier than v15 way to React Link.

React with the Flux glide

To put into effect a unidirectional records glide in React, Facebook created its utility structure referred to as Flux. Flux controls the glide of records to React additives via one manage point – the dispatcher. Flux’s dispatcher gets an object (they name it a movement) and transfers it to the precise store, which then updates itself. Once the replacement is finished, the View modifications thus and sends a brand new movement to the dispatcher. It’s most effective viable to switch a movement to the shop while it’s absolutely up to date. Based on our revel in we can say that Flux is superb while you paintings with dynamically up to date records.


The one-manner records glide in React continues complexity below manage. It’s a good deal less complicated to debug self-contained additives of massive React packages than it’s far within addition massive AngularJS packages.


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