Carnaval 2021 Movie Review

Carnaval review – Maybe a life lesson?

The Netflix series Gaana wall has a message to convey. Leandro Nari has directed a movie that might not have a story but has something to tell us all. When four social media addicts get a free trip, they have a time of their life. Also, what they get As a bonus is a few life lessons all along the way.

In the running of moving on after a break up with the famous Instagram personality, Nina finds a break a picture perfect trip. With her, travel another three Instagram personalities as her friends. Before they reach Carnaval, Nina looks for posting new captures on her Instagram profile for her followers.

Few Twists and Turns

One might see a mainstream story. However, there is a twist. They are treated at a bad hotel as one might expect for a famous social media influencer. Since Neena was the one who abandoned her friends for a few social media likes, she chases a charming singer, Freddy Nunes (Micael), to get that attention.

But only after a few hours, Nina realises that social media followers cannot replace real-life friends. She gets a reality check and finds a life lesson permanently embedded in her diary. Not only Neena but the other three friends also get their share of life lessons throughout the journey.

The bottom line

Carnival is a girls trip shot in Brazil. However, if one has a keen eye and can relate to it, which most of us would, he/she will laugh at themselves. Comedy is fairly over generated. The characters have been appropriately filled and so was the director. The movie has a few scenes that might be emotional and thoughtful for a fair share of our young adults.

If you are too a social media geek, the movie can be called a must watch.

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