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Best Home Remedy to Improve Poor Blood Flow or Circulation

With aging, it is pretty common to develop poor blood flow or circulation. And, with the affected circulation, there are a number of diseases that may occur. So, how do you treat them or at best, could prevent blood circulation?

Umm, there are ways– both mediational and natural. But as it is common, people prefer medications over the natural options without knowing the fact that medicines could be prone to side effects that are sometimes even timeless. Well, is it that we do not have home remedies for the same not available?

No, there are home remedies, several, that may help in ways to improve blood flow/circulation in the body. Wonder which ones?

Get green veggies

You must have heard many people saying that having green veggies help– well, it is absolutely true. Green veggies are rich with vitamins, minerals and fiber but at the same time low in calories. Following a diet including green veggies have numerous health benefits which include reduced risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, mental decline and obesity.

While being low in calories, these green leafy veggies give enough nutrients to your body to improve the overall functioning and blood flow indeed. Wonder how? Heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure are some major factors that contribute to poor blood flow and circulation.

Be it watermelonie

If you do not know, watermelon is one of the most natural hydration food. As well as, it contains a good amount of citrulline which is found beneficial for arterial health; and to boost blood flow and circulation.

As mentioned, watermelon contains citrulline also called L-citrulline which is a great amino acid source. While we talk about blood circulation, amino acid helps make more nitric oxide that manages and maintains blood arteries health and circulation. Well, wanna know an interesting fact? Watermelon is also called a natural Viagra as it citrulline has a pretty similar mechanism to get one erect as if Viagra (sildenafil). Though doctors suggested Sildenafil 150mg may be a quick fix to one’s erectile issues, watermelon can be used as an effective natural alternative. If you ever experienced such condition which is common with poor blood flow and circulation, watermelon could be an absolute help.

Try pomegranate

Oxidation in the body is one of the most common reason why one often has to go through blood flow/circulation problems. With aging, it is common for a person to be more prone to oxidation and development of free radicals that create blockage in blood arteries i.e. affecting blood flow. But, pomegranate can help here! Rich in polyphenol antioxidants and nitrates, it works as a vasodilator while slowing down or reducing oxidation in body.

As a nitrate, it helps by causing dilating the blood arteries and improve circulation– similarly as if an FDA oral medication such as Levitra 40mg would do. Since we are believing that you would love to prefer natural options over medications, pomegranate is definitely gonna help.

Go for citrus fruits

Citrus fruits including lemons, oranges and grapefruits are great antioxidants and rich flavonoids sources. Studies have found that flavonoids-rich foods help with inflammation in the body: which results in reduced blood pressure and stiffness in blood vessels. Indeed, citrus fruits improve blood flow by supporting nitric oxide production.

Though, overconsumption can also lead to certain consequences such as obesity while citrus fruits are high in calories. And, a huge drop in blood pressure can be experienced at times. The simplest rule is, be moderate be healthy.

Get the walnuts

Walnuts have got all you need for a healthy blood flow and circulation: maybe more than that even. Walnuts contain a good amount of L-arginine, vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). These compounds are found beneficial to boost nitric oxide production in the body and eventually help have healthy blood flow and circulation.


Though there are medications and approved drugs that help improve blood flow and circulation, some home remedies are there for the same too. Who would want to have medicines when they have a better option? Here we discussed some home remedies that are found in several studies to support blood circulation. And, look after your lifestyle habits, practicing healthy habits is a must. Hope this post helped!

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