Hot Tubs

Learn The Basic Functionalities & Other Essential Information About Hot Tubs

Spending time in a hot tub or spa can be a lot of fun while also helping to relieve stress and relax muscles. To avoid the spread of viruses and diseases, maintain proper body temperature, and avoid harm, it is necessary to observe safety practices. If you own a hot tub, you must take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your guests safe. Follow basic safety rules when using a public hot tub in Hampshire so you may relax and enjoy yourself with your friends.

What Is a Hot Tub?

Simply described, a “hot tub” is a word that refers to a spa above-ground. A hot tub or spa is a self-contained vessel with hot water and jets that provide users with a relaxing soaking experience. While there are numerous kinds and models of hot tubs, and certain variances exist (e.g., filter placement), the basic functions of all hot tubs for sale in Hampshire are nearly the same. The same mechanical structure provides for water confinement and basic hot tub functions like heating. So, let’s have a look at the key components of a hot tub.

What Are the Basic Functions of a Hot Tub?

You already know how a hot tub in Hampshire works and its fundamental functionality now that you know the major components of a hot tub:

  • Drain and fill the tub
  • Filter the water
  • Heat the water
  • Light the tub
  • Provide ozone injection
  • Operate the blower
  • Power the jets

How often should you clean hot tub filters?

Every 1-2 weeks, we recommend giving your micro filter a basic cleaning. To do so, simply remove the filter and wash it under running water from your sink or outdoor hose.

These basic cleaning methods are effective at removing stuck material, but not so much at removing oils and lotions. To get rid of them, you should clean the filter chemically every 3-4 months. Submerge the filter in a special cleaning solution to accomplish this. For further information, contact your retailer.

However, cleaning your filters will only go you so far. Micro filters degrade with time and must be updated. Replace your hot tub filter every 12-18 months to ensure proper filtration, depending on how often you use it.

How often should a hot tub’s water be changed?

In general, you should change your hot tub water when the TDS level reaches 1500 percent of what it was when it was first filled. In most cases, this means changing the water every 3-4 months, however, you should have your water tested to be sure. Hydropool’s self-cleaning hot tubs are an exception. They can go up to 6 months between water changes because to their ultra-efficient filtering technology.

How do you keep your hot tub in good working condition?

It is up to you to maintain your hot tub once you have it. Fortunately, we’re here at Mainely Tubs to answer all of your questions about what it means to own a hot tub, how to operate and maintain one, and how to pick the right one for you. 

Browse the internet or connect with hot tub suppliers in Hampshire to learn more about hot tubs and their accessories! 

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