Afterlife of the Party 2021 review

Afterlife of the Party 2021 Movie Review

Netflix has released the trailer of Afterlife of the Party, its new upcoming comedy about partying your way out of Hell.

The trailer presents Cassie (Victoria Justice), a young woman who just wants to party all her problems away. However, during her 25th birthday, Cassie celebrates a little too much and ends up dead in a bathroom. Unfortunately, Cassie still has unfinished business down on Earth, so her soul is condemned to go straight to Hell. The good news is that Cassie’s guarding angel, Val, gives her five days to haunt her loved ones, make amends, and try to get a sweet spot in Heaven. So, as a fabulous ghost who loves pop music, Cassie must fix the relationships she broke in life, or else face a fiery destiny.

Directed by Stephen Herek (Critters) from a script by Carrie Freedle (Winter Love Story), Afterlife of the Party is produced by Robyn Snyder and Deborah Evans. Afterlife of the Party also stars Midori Francis, Robyn Scott, Adam Garcia, Timothy Renouf, Gloria Garcia, Myfanwy Waring, and Spencer Sutherland.

Afterlife of the Party will debut on Netflix on September 2. Check out the film’s trailer below.

Here’s Afterlife of the Party official synopsis:

Party planner and social butterfly Cassie is on top of the world, but a freak accident during her 25th birthday extravaganza brings it all crashing down – literally. When she finds herself in the waiting room of the afterlife, Cassie meets Val, her guardian angel, who explains that she has five days as an angel-in-training to make things right on Earth with the people who meant the most to her: her lifelong best friend Lisa (Midori Francis), her grieving father, and her estranged mother. In order to repair those relationships and make it to the big VIP room in the sky, Cassie breaks through the spiritual plane to communicate with Lisa and enlists her help to set things right with everyone. In her journey of reflection and forgiveness, and, in true Cassie fashion, a few makeovers and impromptu dance parties along the way, Cassie finds that she might be the one with the most to learn.

Source: collider

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