electronic blood pressure monitor

A Guide to Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor at Any Age


An electronic blood pressure monitor is a device that makes it possible to measure blood pressure electronically. It does not use any arm cuff, and no stethoscope need for this device. 

How does an electronic blood pressure monitor work?

This device works by measuring the difference in air pressure between two channels in a cylindrical tube with an elastic membrane stretched across it. These two channels connect to a person’s arm, with one track on top and the other on the bottom. The electronic blood pressure monitor measures the volume of air as opposed to force per unit area, so there is no need for a tourniquet or cuff around your arm when you use this device.

Utility of electronic blood pressure monitor

This device has become popular in recent times and is used by millions of people worldwide as it is convenient and easy to use. Besides, this is relatively inexpensive, and hence many people can afford to buy one. This device also detects blood pressure without discomfort or inconvenience to the user. It provides a reading within a few seconds, and you can check it at regular intervals if you wish. This device is approved for home use by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in America, so you need not depend on the doctor or medical authority for getting a reading from time to time.

Guide to finding the best digital blood pressure monitor:

1. Key features:

  • Reliable result within a few seconds, and no need to use a 10-second pulse rate or additional readings.
  • Small and easy to carry. You can take it in your pocket or on your belt or purse without feeling that it weighs a lot.
  • A compact design that does not look like the usual blood pressure cuffs. These cuffs are bulky and are difficult to keep in the pockets to store safely and securely.
  • The cuff automatically inflates to the correct reading, and you do not require manually setting the cuff size.

2. Brand:

  • The name and model of the brand must mention on the device you are buying. If anything is misleading in the title, then it must be rejected.
  • Specific reputed and reliable brand names include Omron, Conair, and RCA. These devices are FDA-approved and give accurate results with every use of the device.

3. Price:

  • It must be affordable as it is impossible to pay a lot of money for an electronic blood pressure monitor. If you wish, you can check online, which is the best place to shop for these devices.
  • Always choose a device that has a more extended warranty period. This may cost you a bit more initially, but it will be cheaper than replacing the device now and then in the long run.

4. Warranty and Return Policy:

  • The return policy is essential as it assures you that if there are any flaws in the product, you will be entitled to a replacement or refund within a specified period. The written documents must also be mentioned that the seller will replace the malfunctioning item.
  • Some sellers limit their warranty period to 24 months or even less, which is irresponsible. It should be mentioned in written documents and stated verbally in case of sale.
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