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Online shopping in India is becoming very famous now-a-days. Most of the
people are now familiar with the use of internet and it has tremendously
increased the prospect of online shopping in India. Moreover, with the
the innovation of smart gadgets, instant communication devices etc., buyers
can navigate around websites & web stores anytime.
People prefers online shopping because they can buy products from
different brands and companies which are otherwise not easily available in
their home countries. These virtual markets offer huge variety and diversity.
It allows the buyers to be updated with the latest styles and trends.
However, online shopping is not very comfortable & convenient for all.
People may find it risky to deal with an unknown vendor. Products may look
attractive online but may not be the same in reality. So, the debate whether
online shopping is a Boon or a Bane goes on. Here are certain points for
and against online shopping:
Online Shopping is a Boon because:
It helps you to save your precious time as you can do shopping anytime as
per your convenience without spending hours in local markets to check out
products.It is very easy & convenient way of shopping. You don’t have to
face the hassle of going to the crowded markets rather you can select
whatever you need with a click of your mouse and same will be delivered at
your doorsteps.You can get more promising variety than real markets in
almost all types of products. Can easily compare the prices of different
brands and choose wisely.By searching out on web stores you got to know
about the latest fashion & trends.It offers you free window shopping as you
do not have to spend travelling expenses to visit distant markets.In order to
fascinate more and more buyers the online stores offers huge discounts &
enticing packages along with free shipping and home delivery.If you wish to
do a secure transaction while buying the stuffs from a new website you can
opt for cash on delivery also.
Online Shopping is a Bane because:
One of the main drawbacks of online shopping is that even after making the
payment you will get your product after few days.In case the product
is defective or if you do not find the purchased product appropriate as per
your size or choice then you really have to put in efforts to get it replaced or
to get your refunds back from these online stores. If you want to return a
product without any manufacturing defect then the company may ask you
to pay the shipping, packaging & delivery charges. The fun of going to the
real markets with your family & friends is really missing in online
shopping.You can access online shops at any time and may get addictive.
Definitely not a good idea for those of us with weaker hearts and looser
No doubt online shopping offers you a broader and most accessible
market for all types of branded, non-branded latest & second-hand stuff.
But at the same time few buyers are very reluctant to opt for web stores as
products might look prettier online, but in reality, the story could be
So an aware buyer should check out things on different websites online
and then visit to stores in nearby market to check out in real or vice-versa.
Must Compare and if finds a worthy discounted deal on internet then
purchase the product. I found it to be the best approach and following the

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