X-ray is a form of electromagnetic waves with high-energy & high-intensity and can penetrate certain substances with its high-intensity, human organs are included in them. X-rays are used in medical treatment to create images inside of the human body so that diseases inside the body can be diagnosed and treated. A century has passed since x-rays were discovered by Sir Roentgen and have been aiding in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Since x-rays are used in medical treatment so far but still there are some rumours about it among people.
X-rays can make you radioactive
Some people believe that x-rays can make your body radioactive. The sense is that your body absorbs some amount of radiation when you are exposed to x-rays to diagnose your inner organs and in this way your body can affect others by the radiation. In fact there is no such theory that proves that x-rays expose a patient’s body to affect others’ bodies by it’s radiation. The only way to make your body radioactive is that you would need to eat a substance and no other way possible.
X-rays are harmful for your body

There is a myth that x-rays harm your body by its radiation which can cause harmful side effects and you may have some issues like skin infection, headache or body aches etc. The fact is that a small amount of radiation used in diagnostic imaging doesn’t affect your body and it is not harmful for your body because hardly any such case could have been found in which a patient may have any of side effects regarding skin infection and body aches. And also today’s modern x-ray machines are digital which use a very small amount of radiation to diagnose your body so you should take this thing out of your mind.

X-rays can cause cancer

Another myth is that x-rays can cause skin cancer. It is true that x-rays are high-energy electromagnetic waves which can possibly be harmful to your body and they can damage your cells when they pass through your body, but only if you are exposed to a large amount of it , which is rare with Diagnostic imaging where your body receives a very small amount of its radiation and such small radiation cannot induce cancer.

X-rays can affect your fertility

According to studies there is no such case found in which diagnostic x-rays can make a person infertile. Because the diagnostic radiation used to examine your body is quite small amount, as compared your body receives more amount of background radiation in a day than that of x-rays checkup. Modern x-ray machines only expose the part of your body that needs to be examined, so the risk of this thing is close to zero.

X-rays have been outdated and are now not necessary thing 

There may be some people who believe that x-rays now become outdated and are not a necessary thing to use.

In fact, x-ray imaging is an important modality and the first imaging tool in diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.

Every modality has its own limitation , and they all complement to each other in the disease management.

X-ray machines and body scanners are harmful 

X-ray machines and body scanners use a very small amount of radiation which indeed is harmless to your health.There are different types of body scanners used in hospitals to examine a patient and with this technology medical treatment has become very easy and fast.

A woman can’t be examined with x-rays in pregnancy

It is said that a pregnant woman can’t go through x-rays examination during her pregnancy.

During the first trimester, when the fetus’ organs are in the developing process, the radiation can be dangerous only if the mother undergoes a therapeutic procedure, and regular diagnostic imaging can be safely done without any apprehension. However  the x-ray scan should be performed by taking all necessary precautions like covering the abdomen with a lead apron so that the radiation reaching the fetus is very much attenuated.

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