6 Secrets to find the cheapest flights

These are tough times for travelers. As the world prepares to reopen in 2021, we’re here to help you dream and plan your next adventure, whether it’s a vacation at home (or staycation) or a flight to unknown horizons. Until then, here are the latest travel tips to keep you informed and ready to go.

Looking for cheap flights to your next destination? The first thing to do is to use a flight comparison service like flight scanner. Then, to successfully find the cheapest flights, there are several tips.

After reading this article, you’ll know our six secrets, tested and approved by seasoned travelers, for saving money on your airfare.

Secret 1: Do your research using private browsing
Airline and tour operator websites use cookies, files that record your information and browsing habits. This way, they detect when you search for the same flight itinerary several times, and they raise the prices to entice you to take action and charge you more. To avoid this, and find the cheapest flights, consider clearing your cache, history and cookies in your browser settings. Then use private browsing to avoid cookies. That way, prices shouldn’t increase when you search.

Secret 2: Be flexible to find the cheapest flights
The best way to buy cheap airline tickets is to be flexible. Be flexible with your travel dates and your destination. Flight comparison sites such as Flight scanner allow you to search using the “Anywhere” and “All Month” features to find the cheapest destinations and dates to travel. Simply enter the name of your departure airport and enter “Anywhere” in the destination box (or click on the little thumbnail that pops up and asks “Don’t know where to go?”). This will give you a list of available destinations in order of price.

You can also check out great deal sites, such as Secret Flying and Voyages Pirates, which list price errors, special offers or last-minute promotions.
While it’s sometimes difficult to take time off as you wish, flexibility is the key to paying less for flights.

Secret 3: Create price alerts and sign up for airline newsletters
The best way to avoid missing out on a good price is to be on the lookout. In order not to miss a good deal, create price alerts on the flights you are interested in directly on your flight comparator. This way, you will be notified in real time as soon as a price increases or decreases.

Another tip for finding cheap flights: sign up for newsletters from your favorite airlines. This way, you’ll receive the latest flight promotions, last-minute offers or new discounted itineraries, all without lifting a finger. You will also be informed if some flights still have a lot of empty seats, and if prices are going down on them. A good way to get a cheap flight ticket.

Secret 4: Buy one-way tickets and choose flights with a stopover
It’s not always the case, but sometimes buying round-trip flights can be more expensive than buying two one-way flights on different airlines. For example, you can fly from Paris to Edinburgh with Ryanair on a cheap one-way flight, then book a return flight with easyJet. This method also gives you more flexibility, as you can come back whenever you want or even land at a different airport on the way back (potentially cheaper).

Also, if you’re not in a time crunch, it’s sometimes better to fly with stopovers rather than direct flights, even though this may seem counterintuitive. To find out for sure, use a flight comparator and do the test. You’ll see that it’s possible to get a cheap flight this way.


Secret 5: Try alternative routes
To pay less for your airfare, you may need to be flexible on your travel itinerary and arrange your own stopovers. When you have a stopover to reach your destination, focus on the big hubs, which are the central air hubs that concentrate much of the world’s air traffic. Some of the world’s largest hubs include Atlanta and Los Angeles in the United States, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Tokyo in Japan, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and London in the United Kingdom.

For example, to get to Bali from Paris, why not go through Kuala Lumpur where the low cost airline AirAsia takes off. So, instead of looking for a flight from Paris to Bali, look first for Paris to Kuala Lumpur, then Kuala Lumpur to Bali. Chances are you will save on your airfare. And if you have time, why not take the opportunity to stay a few days in Kuala Lumpur and visit the city.

Secret 6: Avoid booking flights on the weekend
When you want to buy your flight tickets, avoid doing it on the weekend because everyone does the same. This means that demand is higher and prices go through the roof. Even though there is no official rule, you will have a better chance of finding the cheapest flights by booking preferably on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. On the same principle, wake up early to book your cheap flights (around 5 a.m.) and avoid doing so in the evening, between 7 and 10 p.m.

January, February and September are also the best months for bargains because few people travel at these times of the year. You should also consider departures on weekdays. In any case, use common sense and avoid traveling during the high season (July and August) and school vacations as much as possible to spend less.

We are still in a global health crisis. It is therefore advisable to check local guidelines and follow health measures before booking a trip. We still advise you to book flexibly and to inquire about travel insurance.

Where in the world can you travel?
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