5 Best crowdfunding platforms online for social cause

Fundraising online, electronic funding or crowdfunding is a way to find and obtain money with voluntary contributions from people and companies. This dynamic is relatively new in the technology-driven world of personal finance . Usually someone develops a personal or professional project that needs resources and that they explain on the platforms to convince that this work is worthwhile to be supported by others.

Today, there are several platforms of this style that seek to differentiate themselves from others, having their own characteristics. Some websites are reward-based , which means that people who contribute are looking for a pre-production producer, a discount for the item, or some other reward. Other options are donations , which are mostly directed to non-profit organizations and social causes.

fundraising with Kickstarter

With almost half a million campaigns, this rewards-based platform has raised a total of more than $ 5 billion for promising projects since the company’s launch in 2009. Kickstarter has been known for accepting several promotional campaigns in different areas productive and artistic such as technology, design, film, music, art, food, games, and research publications.

 fundraising with Indiegogo

This platform started in 2008 and since then has helped fund more than 800,000 projects in technology, design, arts, and more. Fundraisers seek through this page to achieve their artistic, creative and innovative goals, offering rewards for support.

 Fundraising with Funding Circle

More than a form of third-party funding, this platform offers loans from various sources for small businesses . Among the options that exist there, there are loan offers from the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, although it also has other types of more conventional products to help finance that small companies can expand .

Fundraising with Patreon

It is one of the most popular platforms within the crowdfunding options . It has a membership-based model that provides regular and ongoing income rather than a one-time capital injection. This allows artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and creatives in general to have a small income that can be frequent as they contribute their work within the platform. Artists often give rewards to their most loyal fans.


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 Fundraising GoFundMe

The prestige of this platform has been built in large part because it has allowed charities, friends and individuals to raise funds even for personal matters . For example, among the activities he has managed there have been projects on paying medical bills, legal costs and on more philanthropic issues such as education or the welfare of animals and nature check if  gofundme donations tax deductible here.

If you want to learn more about other crowdfunding options that can be adapted to your needs, you can check the  UnitedDonationsHelp page for more details

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