3 Most popular methods of learning the violin

Learning new hobbies and activities is always a fun ride. New skills should always be sought after at any given age. It may be cooking skills, new dancing styles, or new sports. There are many things one can venture into especially now that we have many resources. One of the most popular new hobbies is learning a new musical instrument. This kind of activity is popular because it is accessible. It is accessible because of the many institutions that offer classes to everyone. 

Music studios usually offer more than one musical instrument. The most common ones are guitar, piano, drums, and violin. They are usually offered since they are easy to learn and can be done with a group or individually. There is even growing popularity when it comes to violin lessons. This is because aside from it being easy, it offers a wide variety of music genre that one can learn along the way., 

Violin lessons can be done through group or private violin lessons. This is the beauty of violin lessons. There are also many techniques and methods used to teach the violin. Your violin teacher Singapore professional should be able to determine which method is perfect for you. These methods can differ depending on the learner’s age and skill level. The advantage of these methods is that they can all be done through group or private violin lessons. These methods are proven to be effective when it comes to learning the violin. These are the most common ones used in music studios. In this article, let us talk about the methods that a violin teacher Singapore instructor can offer.

Kodaly method

The Kodaly method is a unique method taught by violin teacher Singapore professionals. This method is done by teaching the students many musical pieces in their mother tongue. The founder believed that children can pick up new things when it is taught in their native language. He believed that one of the most effective ways to teach music is to incorporate culture and traditions through music. When this method is being taught a violin teacher Singapore mentor must be of the same nationality as the student. The teacher can also be someone that has great knowledge of the student’s culture. This is because culture plays a vital part in this teaching method. This can be more effective in private violin lessons as the teacher can focus solely on the student. 

Suzuki method

Another popular method in teaching the violin is the Suzuki method. It is founded on the observation that learning new things can be treated the way we learn our native language. Suzuki said that children do not have a hard time learning their native language as it is introduced at an early age. He prioritized getting familiarizing one’s ear to musical pieces before reading musical notes. This method is applied as early as possible. He said that children can learn the violin just like how they learn their first language. He has prepared a whole curriculum of lessons that every violin teacher Singapore professional can follow.


In this method, the parents of the student are also an active participant, he said that the parents’ participation would play a great role in the children’s progress. Since this method follows a certain outline, families can learn together. They will not be left out as they only have one material to rely on, the beauty of this method is that it can be learned through groups or even private violin lessons. 

Traditional method

Lastly, the traditional method is one of the most used learning methods in violin. This is done through the regular music classes held at music studios or private violin lessons at home. This is where a violin teacher Singapore professional slowly teaches a student how to read notes and how to play the strings on the violin. This method follows the usual process in which the fundamentals like how to hold the instrument and how to read the most basic notes. This is still very effective, especially with older students. This is a slow but sure process of learning the violin. This is also more ideal for busy individuals who want to learn to play the violin. 


There are various ways to learn the violin. It’s up to the person or student which method will work for them. The most important thing is that they enjoy playing the violin. It would also be better if the student knows how to play not only one method but other methods as well.

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