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2 Hearts 2020 Movie Review Trailer Online

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Director: Lance Hool

Writers: Veronica Hool, Robin U. Russin

Stars: Jacob Elordi, Radha Mitchell, Adan Canto

2 Hearts is thought-provoking and inspiring. It’s two couples’ love stories, seemingly unconnected at the start, beginning and developing. One couple is young and meets at college. The other meets years earlier and begins a globetrotting romance.

How are these separate couples part of the same story? Their connection is what makes 2 Hearts unique and important. Their stories unite through something powerful and life-saving: organ donation. With this, we see how much of 2 Hearts is about giving and receiving.

It is a film with aspects to think about and sequences to experience, and it does a wonderful job of presenting those sequences. The cast is talented and provide great performances.

There’s excellent and striking cinematography. The soundtrack is beautiful. It would be no small task to make a film with so many narrative arcs and locations, and 2 Hearts succeeds.

2 Hearts is an inspiring film that could prompt important discussion regarding organ donation. It also portrays incredible thankfulness and love. But there is some content that may not be appropriate for all families.

Particularly, there’s a scene with a man and woman in bed, obviously having spent the night together, and he proposes to her.

It’s not graphic, and it’s not the main point of the film. But it’s not for all viewers. (It’s worth noting that a scene like this, for mature viewers, could prompt its own beneficial discussion about morality.)

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Families should consider their own approach to viewing and discussing such topics, and proceed with wisdom.

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